New in Comics: Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble, Shadow Now, and More

By | October 1, 2013
A few choice selections from the comics due out October 2nd (Note that the release dates are tentative on some of these titles):

Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble #1
Marvel Comics

Description: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the AVENGERS explode onto the scene with a new series and an all-new team member!

To save his own life, the RED SKULL must transfer his mind to a more fit body! And he has chosen the body of . . . CAPTAIN AMERICA!

Based on the hit animated series, now airing on DISNEY XD!

Extra-sized issue with bonus LEGO comics featuring Marvel’s greatest heroes!

By: Joe Caramagna

Shadow Now #1 (of 6)
Dynamite Entertainment

Description: Having spent decades in the east to rejuvenate himself, the greatest pulp hero of them all, The Shadow, returns to New York in modern times. Lamont Cranston seeks to resume his old life, and his heroic alter-ego is ready to stand once more as an enemy to evil. But while he was gone, his foes have remained vigilant, and the most dangerous man The Shadow has ever faced prepares to rise once more. It’s the shocking beginning to a new era for The Shadow!

By: David Liss, Colton Worley, Tim Bradstreet

Captain America Living Legend #1 (of 5)
Marvel Comics

Description: When a top-secret orbital research station is dragged from the sky by an unknown alien force, army-of-one Steve Rogers finds himself caught between two global superpowers on the brink of war!

But how does it involve Volkov–a decorated Russian officer he last crossed paths with during the closing days of World War II, who disappeared on an ill-fated lunar mission over forty years ago?

Andy Diggle and Adi Granov send living legend Captain America on a one-man mission into the heart of darkness–in search of another!

By: Andy Diggle, Adi Granov

Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight #1
Dark Horse

Description: Literature: overrated. Morality: expendable. Tonight is right for some over-the-top sex and violence! Bringing the flavor of midnight exploitation flicks to comics, Grindhouse delivers four two-issue gore operas, starting with “Bee Vixens from Mars,” pitting a one-eyed southern Latina deputy against lusty alien chicks bent on laying eggs in the entire male population!

* Covers by superstar artists Francesco Francavilla and Coop!

* First issue in a brand-new series of B-movie masterpieces!

* Eisner nominee Alex de Campi (Smoke, Ashes) is a writer to watch in 2013!

* Future arcs feature art from Simon Fraser (2000 AD), Federica Manfredi (True Blood, Hack/Slash), and Gary Erskine (The Mask)!

By: Alex de Campi, Chris Peterson, Nolan Woodard, Francesco Francavilla

Hinterkind #1
DC / Vertigo

Description: “Men go and come, but Earth abides.”- Ecclesiastes 1:4 Decades after “The Blight” all but wiped out the human race, Mother Nature is taking back what’s hers, and she’s not alone . . . The Hinterkind have returned.

From the last, lost corners of the world they come, a myriad menagerie of myth and magic . . . but these aren’t childhood fairytale creatures. They are flesh, blood and passion, and they have a long-simmering hatred for those who drove them into the shadows: The human race!

After her grandfather disappears, Prosper Monday must leave the security and seclusion of their Central Park village to venture into the wilds to find him, unaware of how much the world has changed. Or how hungry it has become . . .

By: Ian Edginton, Francesco Trifogli, Greg Tocchini

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