New in Comics: Space 1999 Aftershock & Awe

By | October 23, 2012

A few choice selections from the comics due out October 24th:

Space 1999 Aftershock & Awe
Archaia Entertainment LLC

Description: The classic 1970s sci-fi TV series returns with all-new material!

September 13, 1999. An atomic accident causes the moon to be blown out of orbit and hurled into the unknown, the survivors of the lunar base stationed there launched toward their destiny across the stars. In the wake of this disaster, Earth itself is ravaged by the scientific, environmental, and social repercussions of a world robbed of its moon.

Presenting remastered classic material from the 70s with all-new material created to update the tale for a modern audience.

By: Andrew E. C. Gaska, Gray Morrow, David Hueso

Marcus Nispel’s Chosen #1 (of 3)

Description: An original comic book series created by filmmaker Marcus Nispel (Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre)!

Chosen is a high-octane action thriller about a Detroit kid, the least likely candidate to be the latest reincarnation of an Eastern spiritual master whose tradition goes back for generations. Despite all outward contradictions, the teen’s powers – refined over centuries worth of incarnations – start to manifest in him and propel him onto a journey that starts in the Urban grit of Detroit’s 8 Mile and take him all the way to the even grittier underground gangland of Mumbai.

By: Chuck Dixon, Edison George, Diego Latorre

Legend Of Oz The Wicked West Ongoing #1
Big Dog Ink

Description: The first ever ongoing series based on L. Frank Baum’s amazing world of Oz!

It has been six months since Gale had her final showdown with the Witch of the West and there has been no sign of either. Now, with General Jinjur in control of the Emerald City, the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion must find a way to escape the emerald mines and find out what happened to Gale.

By: Tom Hutchison, Alisson Borges

Undeath Row #1 (of 4)
Antarctic Press

Description: In bad with the warden for whistle-blowing on dangerous medical tests on inmates, Brian ‘Deuce’ Grey is about to be executed for murders he didn’t commit. Then the power goes out. As Chief Executioner Patrick O’Connor tries to find what’s wrong, reports come in of the drug-test patients rioting. The drugs are mutating prisoners and spreading like a virus. Deuce and O’Connor’s only hope of survival is to ally with the only other uninfected people on the prison island: the ruthless killers locked in isolation on Death Row.

By: David Atchison, Tommy Smith

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