class-bbcStatus: Season Ended, Awaiting Renewal/Cancellation Announcement
Timeslot: Saturdays 10 PM EST
Premiere: April 15th
Network: BBC America
Starring: Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins, Vivian Oparah
Series Website:

Description: Four Coal Hill School students who have hidden secrets and desires, navigate a life of friends, parents, school work, sex, sorrow – and possibly the end of existence. Fear is coming, tragedy is coming, war is coming.

Note: This is a spin-off of Doctor Who and Peter Capaldi will be appearing in the first episode as the Doctor.

Status: (Updated 6/7/17) This show’s linear viewing numbers on BBC America were not great during its first season and word is that it did not draw very high viewership in its home country of Britain either. I have heard rumors that the show will not return for a second season, but there is no confirmation of that at this point.

Season to Date (StD) Ratings Results:

Air Date Airings Live+SD Rtg StD Avg Tot Vwrs (M) Live+7 Rtg Status
4/15/17 1 0.19 0.2 0.5 n/a Renewal Possible
4/22/17 2 0.08 0.1 0.3 n/a Renewal Possible
4/29/17 3 0.06 0.1 0.3 n/a Renewal Possible
5/6/17 4 0.07 0.1 0.3 n/a Renewal Possible
5/13/17 5 0.06 0.1 0.2 n/a Renewal Possible
5/20/17 6 0.05 0.1 0.2 n/a Renewal Possible
5/27/17 7 0.05 0.1 0.2 n/a Renewal Possible
6/3/17 8 0.05 0.1 0.2 n/a Renewal Possible

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