Sci Fi TV Schedule Upcoming

Mid-Season 2018-19 List of Sci Fi & Fantasy Shows:

This is the very preliminary schedule of the sci fi & fantasy shows  airing on the broadcast networks, cable channels, and streaming services starting mid-season or later.  It is likely that changes will occur to this list over the next few months, so check back for updates. You can see the current schedule of sci fi and fantasy shows at this link and you can keep up with the weekly listings at this link. And be sure to follow our Cancellation Watch column for the latest news and the renewal / cancellation prospects of the current shows as well the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for the latest ratings results as well as breaking news.

(Links are to the show pages on this site with additional information as well as status updates and ratings results where available.)

Spring or Summer Start

The 100 (CW) Season 6 Premieres Summer 2019
Agents of SHIELD (ABC) Returning for 6th Season
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix) Season 2 Premieres Apr 5
The Expanse (Amazon) Returning for 4th Season
Game of Thrones (HBO) Season 8 Premieres in Apr
iZombie (CW) Returning for 5th and Final Season
Jessica Jones (Netflix) Returning for 3rd Season
Killjoys (Syfy) Returning for 5th and Final Season
Krypton (Syfy) Returning for 2nd Season
The Outpost (CW) Returning for 2nd Season
Stranger Things (Netflix) Season 3 Premieres in Spring
Ultraman (Netflix) NEW SERIES Premieres Apr 1
Wynnona Earp (Syfy) Returning for 4th Season

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9 thoughts on “Sci Fi TV Schedule Upcoming

  1. rox

    I went ot the “Lucifer” facebook page ,now gone btw, because they had on demand the trailer and it looks great the doctor fomr rush (a great show cancelled) plays Lucifer, there was sooo much rabble from the rabble rousers about god and how watching a fake show is making you go to He77 that facebook or more than likely FOX took the pagedown! so I’m very glad to see it is still airing, although i expect it wont for long,Fox cancels all the good shows!! Thank you for all the info!!

  2. Rose-Marie Kilpatrick

    Wow. we are turning into a society where religion is now the Player in what we watch as there are cultures that cannot allow everyone else to have any humour involved when it comes to any form of religion.

    What happened to the times when people had humour and things were taken far less seriously.

    Where did the average person disappear to. Why can’t we be permitted to laugh anymore at harmless things like the show “Lucifer”, its dark humour, harmless – yet it intrigues us all – what if Lucifer wanted time away – what would he do ?

    But as usual FOX has lost the plot like with all their good shows, they cancel them and move on to the next 4-8 eps of another show and cancel that, and then another and so on and so on.

    Maybe all at Fox should resign, they obviously do not watch TV.

    1. Dorothy Scott

      I like Lucifer too. I agree the best shows fox cancels. Dark Angel was a favorite of mine and they ended it on a clif hanger!

    2. Y.Whateley

      I don’t think religion has anything to do with it – FOX has always been fast to cancel sci-fi, horror, and fantasy shows other than “The X-Files”, and “Lucifer” just hasn’t been pulling in much in the way of ratings. Unfortunately for us, FOX has always gotten more “bang” for its buck and more money for the ratings with reality TV. Genre fiction, film, and television has always tended to struggle in popular culture, in fact, with critics in particular turning noses up at it.

      I won’t blame religion for the struggles of genre television shows – I’ll blame the fact that popular culture has relatively little use for it, critics generally have no respect for it, and fans with pretensions toward armchair criticism tend to be really “finicky” about what they like.

  3. Jarod

    How come Wynonna Earp, Killjoys, or Darkmatter are not on this or the other schedules you have posted?


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