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Fall 2018 Schedule for Sci Fi & Fantasy Shows:
This is the schedule for the Summer 2018 sci fi & fantasy shows airing on the broadcast networks, cable channels, and streaming services.  You can see the current schedule of sci fi and fantasy shows at this link and you can keep up with the weekly listings at this link. And be sure to follow our Cancellation Watch column for the latest news and the renewal / cancellation prospects of the current shows as well the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for the latest ratings results as well as breaking news.

(Links are to the show pages on this site with additional information as well as status updates and ratings results where available.)


8-9 PM Arrow (CW) (New Night) Season 7 Premieres Oct 15
9-10 PM Legends of Tomorrow (CW) Season 4 Premieres Oct 22
9-10 PM Mars (NGC) Season 2 Premieres Nov 12
10-11 PM Manifest (NBC) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 24


8-9 PM The Flash (CW) Season 5 Premieres Oct 9
8-9 PM The Gifted (FOX) Season 2 Premieres Sep 25
9-10 PM Black Lightning (CW) Season 2 Premieres Oct 9
10-11 PM The Purge (USA) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 4


8-9 PM Riverdale (CW) Season 3 Premieres Oct 10
10-11 PM American Horror Story (FX) (New Night) Season 8 Premieres Sep 12
10-11 PM Stan Against Evil (IFC) Season 3 Premieres Oct 31


8-9 PM Supernatural (CW) Season 14 Premieres Oct 11
8:30-9 PM The Good Place (NBC) Season 3 Premieres Sep 27
9-10 PM Legacies (CW) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 25
9-11 PM Timeless (NBC) Series Finale Airs Dec 20


8-9 PM MacGyver (CBS) Season 3 Premieres Sep 28
9-10 PM Midnight Texas (NBC) Season 2 Premieres Oct 26
9-10 PM Z Nation (Syfy) Season 5 Premiere Oct 5
10-11 PM Van Helsing (Syfy) Season 3 Premiere Oct 5
11-12 PM Channel Zero (Syfy) Season 4 Premires Oct 26


No Genre Entries


8-9 PM Doctor Who (BBCA) Season 11 Premieres Oct 7
8-9 PM God Friended Me (CBS) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 30
8-9 PM Supergirl (CW) (New Night) Season 4 Premieres Oct 14
8-9 PM Outlander (Starz) Season 4 Premieres Nov 4
8-9 PM Counterpart (Starz) Season 2 Premieres Dec 9
9-10 PM The Walking Dead (AMC) Season 2 Premieres Oct 7
9-10 PM Charmed (CW) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 14
9-10 PM The Last Ship (TNT) Season 5 Premieres Sep 9
10-11 PM Nightflyers (Syfy) NEW SERIES Series Premiere Dec 2

Streaming Premieres

Black Mirror (Netflix) Season 5 Premieres in Dec
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 26
Castlevania (Netflix) Season 2 Premieres Oct 26
Daredevil (Netflix) Season 3 Premieres Oct 19
Doom Patrol (DCU) NEW SERIES Premieres Dec 12
The Dragon Prince (Netflix) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 14
The First (Hulu) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 14
The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 12
Into the Dark (Hulu) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 5
Iron Fist (Netflix) Season 2 Premieres Sep 7
The Man in the High Castle (Amazon) Season 3 Premieres Oct 5
Missions (Shudder) Season 2 Premieres in Fall
Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Netflix) Season 12 Premieres in Nov 22
Origin (YouTube) NEW SERIES Premieres Nov 16
Runaways (Hulu) Season 2 Premieres Dec 21
Star Trek Short Treks (CBSAA) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 4
Stranger Things (Netflix) Season 3 Premieres in Fall
Tidelands (Netflix) NEW SERIES Premieres Dec 14
Titans (DCU) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 12
Travelers (Netflix) Season 3 Premieres Dec 14

You can see the complete list of streaming shows at this link

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5 thoughts on “Sci Fi TV Schedule Prior

  1. I'm a big fan of Sci-Fi

    Where is “Reign” ? In this show there are elements of fantasy.

    1. admin Post author

      Because there are so many genre shows out there now, we have tried to limit what we cover to those that are primarily sci fi, fantasy, and/or horror.

  2. James Smith

    Whatever happened to good Sci-fy movies and this crappy fantasy and horror has nothing to do with syfy
    or you should change the name of the channel. There are hundreds of science fiction movies around.
    I have been checking to see if “Snakehead Terror” would be shown again and have even been looking for the dvd but its not avaliable now. I now see why the different networks are getting so many cancellations.
    Thanks for reading,


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