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The Massive List of Currently Airing, Returning, and Upcoming Sci Fi / Fantasy TV Shows

Were are in the too-much-television era and there are a lot of shows on the tube to watch (over 400 original scripted series in 2015). And that means that their are quite a number of science fiction and fantasy (plus horror) entries as well. As we head into the mid part of the 2015-16 season, this list will… Read More »

Would I Rather Be Watching Babylon 5? Fall 2014 Season Edition

Last year about this time I ran a piece pondering whether I wanted to tune in for the upcoming Fall sci fi / fantasy entries or if I would rather go back and re-watch a classic show like Babylon 5. As I noted then (and feel free to read the full post at this link), I love the… Read More »

Can Agents of SHIELD Turn Around its Ratings Slide or Will It Become the Next Sci Fi Show to Succumb to Cancellation Following a Nielsen Death Spiral

Over the past few seasons, we have seen quite a number of high-profile, broadcast network sci fi shows debut to high ratings only to fall into a death spiral that has led to their eventual cancellation. Shows like FlashForward, V, The Event, Terra Nova, and more have followed this path an become classic examples of the failure of… Read More »

Would I Rather be Watching Babylon 5?

So a new season is upon us with 23 new and returning sci fi / fantasy shows that will be bowing between now and November (more on that at this link).  That’s definitely a sign that the genre is alive and strong on television, but the fact is that the hefty quantity of shows certainly isn’t giving us… Read More »

Fall 2013 Season’s Best Bets for Science Fiction and Fantasy Television

23 shows!  23!  That’s how many new and returning science fiction and fantasy shows will debut in Prime Time between tonight (with The Legend of Korra at 7 PM EST on Nickelodeon plus Haven at 9 PM EST on Syfy) and November 23rd (when the BBC/BBC America newbie Atlantis has its bow).  23!  And that’s not counting the… Read More »

Mid-Season 2012-13 Schedule of Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows

Most sci fi shows are currently on their winter hiatus, but the break is not going to last long as new episodes kick-off already on January 3rd when Person of Interest resumes its season and several more shows start up the following week.  Only two shows received their walking papers during the first half of the season (ABC’s 666 Park… Read More »

A Look at This Summer’s Sci Fi / Fantasy Shows

The Fall/Spring season is over now, but it doesn’t mean that scripted genre shows have gone into hibernation for the next few months.  As with every year, Summer brings us several genre entries to choose from, even if this year has fewer options than recent Summers.  The broadcast networks decided to bow out once again as we have… Read More »

Cancellation Watch: Final Wrap Up on the Sci Fi Shows from the 2011-12 Season

The 2011-12 season is for all practical purposes over now.  Following are my thoughts on the ratings results for each of the sci fi/fantasy shows that aired this past year.  Alcatraz (FOX, Status: Cancelled) – This one looked solid in the ratings early on, but viewers started to lose interest shortly after its first month.  That’s a shame… Read More »

A First Look at Next Season’s New Genre Shows: What’s Worth Watching and What to Pass On

During the 2010-11 season, I suggested that we might be on the verge of a Sci Fi-Pocalypse as it looked like quite a number of genre shows were headed toward cancellation and it didn’t seem that the networks had too much of interest in the pipeline.  That never came about, though, as more shows than expected dodged the… Read More »