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Peak TV Continues as Number of Scripted Shows Rises, But There Are Signs of a Slow Down

FX boss John Landgraf has released his annual Peak TV report, and while we did not reach the 520 threshold of scripted shows in 2018 that he previously predicted, the number of originals on television continues to grow. But, that growth was slower than the prior year and we are seeing the numbers go down in some categories. … Read More »

Schedule Wars: Doctor Who Takes on The Walking Dead and More This Fall on Sundays

The Fall season is upon us and currently in the process of ramping up with six shows having their debuts already by Sunday of this week. Currently, there are over forty sci fi and fantasy shows on the Fall schedule (you can see that at this link), and one particular night has a cluster of shows airing at… Read More »

Warner Bros. Has No Plans to Revive Babylon 5 or Even Release it on Blu-ray

According to J. Michael Straczynski, Warner Bros. has no intention of doing anything with the Bablyon 5 franchise in the near future, including releasing the series on Blu-ray or in HD format.  That comes from a series of tweets by Straczynski after he was asked the question: “are there any plans to remaster Babylon 5 like they did with the… Read More »

This Week in Sci Fi TV: Galaxina TV Series in the Works, Jon Favreau Joins the Star Wars Universe, and More

Sci Fi TV Development: Galaxina, Hiding in Time, and More Is the well running dry for sci fi TV ideas?  It would seem to be based on the announcement that Crown International Pictures plans on reviving their B-Movie Galaxina as a television series. That 1980 film parodied Star Wars and Star Trek and the genre in general and… Read More »

This Week in Sci Fi TV Series: A Discworld Series is in the Works and Halo is Back On; Wayward Pines Gets Cancelled; and More

Sci Fi TV Development: BBC Studios is Bringing Discworld to Television, Halo to Star Filming Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens is already moving forward with Amazon and BBC Studios, and now another of his works will be coming to television.  BBC Studios is working on a six-episodes series based on his fantasy Discworld books.  That long-running series takes place… Read More »

This Week in Sci Fi TV: Blair Witch and Culture TV Series in the Works; Lauren Cohen Could Leave TWD, and More

Sci Fi TV Development: Blair Witch Series in the Works Lionsgate has a Blair Witch TV Series in the works, though there are not many specifics about it available at the moment. One of the original directors Eduardo Sanchez had this to say about a TV series in an interview last year: Well, you know. I can’t really discuss.… Read More »

This Week in Sci Fi TV: Star Trek TNG Could Have Been Very Different, Midnight Texas Gets Renewed, and More

These are the Voyages of the Starship Odyssey An outline of the original premise for Star Trek: The Next Generation has surfaced and it details a very different show than the one that helped revive the franchise on the small screen.   The series would take place on the USS Odyssey instead of the Enterprise and the crew would… Read More »

This Week in Sci Fi TV: Star Wars and Conan TV Shows on the Way, New Firefly Books Coming, Bryan Fuller Leaves Amazing Stories, and More

Sci Fi TV Development: Multiple Star Wars Shows on the Way, Amazon Heads to the Hyborian Age We already knew that Disney was working on a Star Wars live-action television series, but apparently the Mouse House has several shows set in that universe on the way.  Top Mouse Bob Iger had the following to say about what they currently… Read More »

How Much Longer Before the Arrow-verse Succumbs to Franchise Fatigue?

The CW’s Arrow-verse shows, which started off in 2012 with Arrow, currently dominate that network’s ten hours a week that it programs, but they are definitely in state of ratings decline. Arrow is in its third year of falling ratings, The Flash has slowed by 17% from last year, Supergirl is down by 24%, and Legends of Tomorrow… Read More »

This Week in Sci Fi TV: Metropolis, New J.J. Abrams Series in the Works, New Trailers for Castle Rock and Stargate: Origins, and More

Sci Fi TV Development: Metropolis and New J.J. Abrams Series on the Way Yet another DC prequel series without the main character is on the way as that company has announced plans for a live action Metropolis TV show that will run on their upcoming streaming service. They have given the following description for the series which sounds… Read More »

This Year’s Sci Fi TV Pilots Include Plenty of Reboots, Revivals, and Rehashes

Pilot season is upon us when the broadcast networks place orders for shows they will be considering for the upcoming season.  They order a pilot episode which introduces the premise and characters for a show, and the network execs watch these and sometimes do audience test runs.  They then decide which ones will be picked up as new… Read More »

This Week in Sci Fi TV: ABC Orders Female-Lead Greatest American Hero Reboot, Netflix Could Grab Cloverfield 3, and More

Rounding up the stories of note from the past week relating to science fiction and fantasy television. You can see an archive of posts at this link. Pilot Season is Here It’s that time of year when the broadcast networks place pilot orders for shows that they will consider for the upcoming season. The demand for pilots has… Read More »

This Week in Sci Fi TV: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost TV Series in the Works, Sabrina Will Not Attend Riverdale, and More

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to Bring Truth Seekers to TV The creators of Shaun of the Dead and The World’s End have created there own production company Stolen Pictures and are directing their attention to the small screen. The duo is currently working on a paranormal comedy to be titled Truth Seekers. Pegg had the following to say… Read More »

NBC Should Embrace The Fan Support For Timeless And Not Repeat The Mistake Of Firefly

We are headed into the Upfronts when the broadcast networks unveil their 2017–18 schedules to the advertisers. On Monday, May 15, NBC will have its presentation, and by that time (if not before) we should know which shows from the current season are cancelled and which ones will continue for another year. One science fiction show in particular… Read More »

Television Networks Need to Partner with Viewers if They Want to Survive Peak TV

Peak TV continues full steam ahead as it appears that we will have more than 500 scripted shows on the broadcast networks, cable channels and streaming services by the end of the year. For science fiction and fantasy fans alone, there are over 100 airing, returning or upcoming shows — quite a bit to keep up with, and… Read More »