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The Walking Dexit Continues, How Long Before the Network Executioner Claims The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead?

AMC’s The Walking Dead has wrapped up its ninth season with the lowest ratings the show has seen since it debuted back in 2010. And this past year, Fear the Walking Dead also slipped to series lows as interest in that spin-off continues to wane. AMC just announced that a third series is on the way, but at… Read More »

Peak TV Continues as Number of Scripted Shows Rises, But There Are Signs of a Slow Down

FX boss John Landgraf has released his annual Peak TV report, and while we did not reach the 520 threshold of scripted shows in 2018 that he previously predicted, the number of originals on television continues to grow. But, that growth was slower than the prior year and we are seeing the numbers go down in some categories. … Read More »

The Walking Dexit Continues for The Walking Dead, Will It End in Cancellation?

AMC’s The Walking Dead, currently in its eighth season, has slipped to the lowest ratings levels it has seen since its first season. That show was once a juggernaut for its network, averaging as high as a 7.4 rating back in its fifth season. And while today’s ratings numbers are not quite equivalent with those from 2010 when… Read More »

Is Peak TV Finally Starting to Slow Down? At Least for the Broadcast and Cable Channels?

The FX network has put out its yearly tally of scripted shows and the number has increased this year yet again to 455 (up from 421 at the end of 2015).  That network’s chief exec John Landgraf has been warning that there are not enough viewers to sustain all this scripted programming, though interestingly enough his net keeps cranking… Read More »

It is Time for the Television Networks to Embrace Viewers as Partners, Not Just Consumers

Peak TV continues at full speed as the number of scripted shows available on the broadcast networks, cable channels, and streaming services increases each year. For science fiction & fantasy fans alone, there are over 40 shows that will be hitting the schedule from September to November, quite a bit to keep up with (you can see the… Read More »

Cancellation Watch: Is There a Four to Five Year Guarantee for Cable Sci Fi & Fantasy Shows That Reach a Third Season?

In the Too-Much-TV-Era, there are quite a number of shows (genre and non-genre) competing for viewership and we are seeing more and more one-season-and-out entries because it is increasingly difficult to find and hold an audience. But those shows that do manage to survive and make it into a third year, seem to typically be sticking around for… Read More »

Cancellation Watch: Agents of SHIELD is Slipping, Here are Several Scenarios for the Show’s Future

On Tuesday, ABC’s Agents of SHIELD slipped to a 1.4 rating based on the overnights for the 18-49 demographic with 3.8 million total viewers.  That’s a season low rating for the show and and close to its series low score of a 1.3 rating.  And the fifth place network’s The Flash actually had the same ratings score as… Read More »

The Changing TV Landscape: The Way We Consume Television Will Likely Change Over the Next Five Years, Here’s a Look at Several Possible Models

I previously wrote about (at this link) the current bubble of original scripted programming on television and how it must burst at some point and also how the spaghetti-against-the-wall approach we are seeing from the networks looking for the next Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, etc. could hasten the bursting of that bubble (more on… Read More »

Why Were They Cancelled? The Cancellation of The Messengers Indicates That the Broadcast Networks Have Not Let Go of Their Old-School Ways

There are plenty of reasons why a network cancels a series, usually related to low ratings but sometimes other factors are involved as well.  But then there are those cases where the cancellation of a series seems almost certain from the beginning and the network itself appears to be working toward it getting the ax.  We saw an… Read More »

First Look at the Fall 2015 Schedule: Supergirl Battles Gotham, What Will The CW Do With All Its Shows?

So the upfronts are over and we know which sci fi /fantasy shows have been cancelled and renewed plus the new entries that will be hitting the schedule this coming Fall (at least from the broadcast networks).  I have the full initial schedule below based on the information from the upfronts as well as the shows that I know… Read More »

The DVR Skew: Will Delayed Viewing Gains Really Help Shows Like Forever and Constantine?

Tracking the ratings for the broadcast network sci fi / fantasy shows factoring in DVR viewing up to seven days past the live broadcast. So this year the broadcast networks (particularly the Big Four: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC) are claiming that they will be looking more closely at the delayed viewing numbers for a full week following to the original… Read More »

Proposal for a New Television Production Model that Could Keep Cancelled Shows Like Revolution, Almost Human, Dracula and More Alive

With all the cancellation announcements that occurred last week, fans of shows like Revolution, Almost Human, Dracula, Star-Crossed and more are taking to the streets to rally for a savior that will keep their favorite TV series alive, and this ultimately leads to the onslaught of dreaded Save My Show campaigns. But so often these efforts result in… Read More »

The CW Has Become a Relevant Network Again and Sci Fi / Fantasy Shows Appear to Have Helped Its Turnaround

Just last season I was asking the question whether The CW could continue to keep its doors open with all of its shows struggling noticeably in the ratings.  But this season the fifth place network appears to have turned its fortunes around to an extent, in part because of its focus on sci fi / fantasy as a… Read More »

A Look at the Sci Fi Shows from the Last Few Years that Were Killed by the Ratings Death Spiral

In my previous post, I discussed the possible reasons why recent high profile broadcast network sci fi shows debuted to strong ratings then went on a death spiral that lead to their cancellation after one or two seasons.  Here is a look at those on show by show basis: Invasion (ABC, 2005-6, Cancelled after One Season):  This show… Read More »

Why Did Sci Fi Shows Like V, FlashForward, The Event, Terra Nova, and More Start Strong then go into a Death Spiral?

Since Lost became a surprise hit on the broadcast networks in 2004 and proved that science fiction could be a viable genre on the Prime Time Schedule, network execs have made multiple attempts to recreate that success with genre offerings yet have constantly fallen short of meeting that show’s mark.  But it’s not for a lack of interest… Read More »