Cancellation / Renewal Tracker

Below are the shows that have been cancelled or renewed so far during the 2016-17 season as of Spring 2017. You can go to the Cancellation Watch Page to see the status of all the currently airing, returning, and upcoming sci fi & fantasy shows, and the Scorecard shows where all the currently airing shows stand.  Note that we are in Upfront season, so expect plenty of renewal, cancellation, and pickup announcements.  Be sure to stay tuned to this site and the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for breaking news and updates.

You can see a rundown of the new show pickups from the Upfronts here: Part 1 | Part 2

Links are to the show pages on this site where you can see season to date ratings and status updates.

Shows that have been cancelled, have ended, or are in their final season:

Aftermath (Syfy) Cancelled
Blood Drive (Syfy) Cancelled
Class (BBCA) Cancelled
Dark Matter (Syfy) Cancelled
Emerald City (NBC) Cancelled
Frequency (CW) Cancelled
Grimm (NBC) Final Season
Incorporated (Syfy) Cancelled
The Leftovers (HBO) Final Season
Making History (FOX) Cancelled
The Mist (Spike) Cancelled
Orphan Black (BBCA) Final Season
Powerless (NBC) Cancelled
Salem (WGN) Cancelled
Samurai Jack (ADSW) Final Season
Saving Hope (ION) Final Season
Scream Queens (FOX) Cancelled
Sense8 (Netflix) Cancelled
Sleepy Hollow (FOX) Cancelled
Son of Zorn (FOX) Cancelled
Stitchers (Freeform) Cancelled
The Strain (FX) Final Season
Teen Wolf (MTV) Final Season
Time After Time (ABC) Cancelled
Twin Peaks (Show) Final Season
Vampire Diaries (CW) Final Season

Shows that have been renewed so far during the 2016-17 season:

The 100 (CW) Renewed for 5th Season
12 Monkeys (Syfy) Renewed for 4th Season
3 Percent (Netflix) Renewed for 2nd Season
Agents of SHIELD (ABC) Renewed for 5th Season
American Gods (Starz) Renewed for 2nd Season
American Horror Story (FX) Renewed thru 9th Season
Arrow (CW) Renewed for 6th Season
Ash vs Evil Dead (Starz) Renewed for 3rd Season
Beyond (Freeform) Renewed for 2nd Season
Black Mirror (Netflix) Renewed for 4th Season
Castlevania (Netflix) Renewed for 2nd Season
Channel Zero (Syfy) Renewed thru 4th Season
Colony (USA) Renewed for 3rd Season
Daredevil (Netflix) Renewed for 3rd Season
Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency (BBCA) Renewed for 2nd Season
Doctor Who (BBCA) Renewed for 11th Season
The Exorcist (FOX) Renewed for 2nd Season
The Expanse (Syfy) Renewed for 3rd Season
Falling Water (USA) Renewed for 2nd Season
Fear the Walking Dead (AMC) Renewed for 4th Season
The Flash (CW) Renewed for 4th Season
Freakish (Hulu) Renewed for 2nd Season
Game of Thrones (HBO) Renewed thru 8th Season
The Good Place (NBC) Renewed for 2nd Season
Gotham (FOX) Renewed for 4th Season
The Handmaids Tale (Hulu) Renewed for 2nd Season
Humans (AMC) Renewed for 3rd Season
Into the Badlands (AMC) Renewed for 3rd Season
iZombie (CW) Renewed for 4th Season
Killjoys (Syfy) Renewed thru 5th Season
The Last Man on Earth (FOX) Renewed for 4th Season
The Last Ship (TNT) Renewed thru 5th Season
Legends of Tomorrow (CW) Renewed for 3rd Season
Legion (FX) Renewed for 2nd Season
The Librarians (TNT) Renewed for 4th Season
Lucifer (FOX) Renewed for 3rd Season
Luke Cage (Netflix) Renewed for 2nd Season
MacGyver (CBS) Renewed for 2nd Season
The Magicians (Syfy) Renewed for 3rd Season
The Man in the High Castle (Amazon) Renewed for 3rd Season
Mars (NGC) Renewed for 2nd Season
The OA (Netflix) Renewed for 2nd Season
Once Upon A Time (ABC) Renewed for 7th Season
The Originals (CW) Renewed for 5th Season
Outlander (Starz) Renewed thru 4th Season
People of Earth (TBS) Renewed for 2nd Season
Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix) Renewed for 2nd Season
Scream (MTV) Renewed for 3rd Season
A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix) Renewed thru 3rd Season
Shadowhunters (Freeform) Renewed for 3rd Season
Slasher (Chiller) Renewed for 2nd Season
Stan Against Evil (IFC) Renewed for 2nd Season
Star Wars Rebels (DXD) Renewed for 4th Season
Supergirl (CW) Renewed for 3rd Season
SuperMansion (Crackle) Renewed for 3rd Season
Supernatural (CW) Renewed for 13th Season
Timeless (NBC) Renewed for 2nd Season
Travelers (Netflix) Renewed for 2nd Season
Van Helsing (Syfy) Renewed for 2nd Season
The Walking Dead (AMC) Renewed for 8th Season
Westworld (HBO) Renewed for 2nd Season
Wynonna Earp (Syfy) Renewed for 3rd Season
The X-Files (FOX) Renewed for 11th Season
Z Nation (Syfy) Renewed for 4th Season