Sci Fi TV Status Report: Game Of Thrones Slays Peak TV, The Strain Has Decent Return, and More

The Peak TV crunch has been driving ratings down to all-time lows across the dial, with many shows seeing double-digit losses year-over-year. But not so with HBO’s juggernaut Game of Thrones. That one returned for its seventh season on Sunday with record-breaking numbers for the premium cable channel, pulling a 4.7 rating based on the overnights for the 18-49… Read More »

Cancellation Watch Scorecard: Game of Thrones Enters at Number 2

HBO’s Game of Thrones returned for its seventh season with record ratings (more on that at this link), and that starts the show off at Number 2 in the Scorecard. It couldn’t quite dethrone The Walking Dead, but I expect it to narrow the margin by season end and possibly even overtake that show next year. The Strain… Read More »

Cancellation Watch: Status Updates on Slasher, Wayward Pines, Siberia, and More

There are several sci fi and fantasy shows out there in limbo at the moment.  These shows have finished up their current season, but we have heard no word on their fate yet, some for quite a while.  Here is a rundown of those, sorted by my estimation of those most to least likely to be back for… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Listings for the Week of July 17th: Conan O’Brien Soars Back to Comic-Con

There are no premieres or finales this week among the Summer sci fi and fantasy shows, but the San Diego Comic-Con opens its doors for 2017 and Conan O’Brien will be returning to record his show live.  The shows will air on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday and following are the guests that have been announced so far.… Read More »

Killjoys is Delivering Darn Good Space Opera, Why is Nobody Watching?

Syfy’s Killjoys has returned for its third season on Fridays at 8 PM EST, but its ratings (which have never been great) are down year after year despite the fact that it is delivering the space opera saga that so many sci-fi fans have been clamoring for. As with Syfy’s The Expanse (and Dark Matter), Killjoys is the type of space-based show the network was… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Status Report: Zoo Could Be in Trouble, Castlevania Gets a Second Season, and More

On Thursday of last week, CBS’ Zoo got a bit of good news when its ratings for its second Season 3 episode improved to a 0.6 rating based on the overnights for the 18-49 demographic. But the bad news was that it dropped to 2.9 million total viewers (down from thee million the prior week) and older-skewing CBS pays more… Read More »

Cancellation Watch Scorecard: The Mist Continues to Fade in the Rankings

With the diminishing ratings that The Mist has been seeing, it slipped eleven slots this week in the Scorecard, going from Number 28 to Number 39. Zoo shot up twelve slots (from Number 45 to Number 33) and Preacher slipped nine (from Number 29 to Number 38), but those two have only been in the Scorecard a few… Read More »

Call To Action: Dark Matter, Wynonna Earp, Stitchers, and More Could Use Help from the Fans

The pressure from the Peak TV crunch continues as the ratings vice-grip gets cranked tighter and tighter and the numbers continue to shrink.  This Summer, all of the sci fi and fantasy shows have been pulling ratings below the 1.0 level and the majority of them are below the 0.2 level.  I know that many people will argue… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Listings for the Week of July 10th: Returns of Game of Thrones and The Strain, Premiere for Salvation and More

This week brings another batch of new and returning shows and officially puts Summer into high gear. The long-awaited seventh season of HBO’s Game of Thrones finally has its bow on Sunday at 9 PM EST. Also on that night, FX’s The Strain kicks off its fourth and final season at 10 PM EST. On Wednesday, the new CBS series Salvation–about an asteroid headed… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Status Report: Zoo and Killjoys Continue the Low Ratings Trend of Summer

Last week brought two more premieres and both shows continued the trend we have seen this Summer of low linear viewing numbers. On CBS on Thursday, Zoo returned for its third season and only managed a 0.5 rating based on the overnights for the 18-49 demographic with three million total viewers. That has the show starting at a series low… Read More »

Cancellation Watch Scorecard: Zoo and Killjoys Start in the Lower Half of the Rankings

CBS’ Zoo and Syfy’s Killjoys both had their third season debuts last week with fairly low ratings results and both start off in the lower half the the Scorecard rankings. For Zoo, I have set its benchmark at a 0.7 rating which is the same level it was renewed at last Summer. But its 0.5 debut numbers start… Read More »

Sci Fi TV Listings for the Week of July 3rd: Castlevania Debuts on Netflix, Fear the Walking Dead Has Its Mid-Season Finale

The premieres slow down this week with only one on the schedule. Netflix’s Castlevania, based on the classic video games about vampire hunters, arrives on Friday. The first season will comprise four thirty-minute episodes with a second season in the works for 2018. All four episodes will be available on Friday. On Sunday, AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead… Read More »

Cancellation Watch Breaking News: Sense8 Will Get a Two-Hour Series Finale

It happened this last season with NBC’s Timeless, and now the uproar from fans is leading to another show getting an extended lease on life. Netflix announced earlier this month that their sci fi series Sense8 would not be coming back for a third season because it is too expensive and did not draw enough viewers. But fans of the show started up a raucous… Read More »

Sci-Fi TV Status Report: The Mist Has A Hazy Start, Preacher Looks Okay, And More

Last Thursday, Spike’s new series The Mist, based on the Stephen King book of the same name, debuted with a 0.19 rating based on the overnights for the 18-49 demographic and 684K total viewers. Those numbers seem a little light considering the amount of promotion the show received, but it is hard to gauge because that network has… Read More »

Cancellation Watch Scorecard: The Mist and Preacher Have Okay Starts

Spike’s new series The Mist debuted with a 0.19 rating based on the overnights for the 18-49 demographic, which seems a bit light considering the level of promotion the show received.  Since I don’t have good comparative ratings data for that network, I am wagging out a benchmark of 0.20 for the cabler. That puts The Mist as… Read More »