Will Cloak and Dagger Be Renewed or Cancelled?

By | May 16, 2019

Freeform’s Cloak and Dagger, based on the Marvel comic of the same name, is currently airing its second season and its same day ratings are down by 33% from what it was seeing in its first year. But that show has been well-received by fans and critics so far, holding an 88% Fresh Rating and an 83% Audience Score for its current season on Rotten Tomatoes and an 86% Fresh Rating with a 74% Audience Score in its first year. The show also sees notable gains from delayed and digital viewing, sometimes improving its same day numbers by 200%. But it is now headed toward its season finale at the end of May and Upfront week is almost over with no word on its fate, so there is reason to be concerned that this show may not be on track for a third year renewal.

The biggest red flag at this point is the fact that Cloak and Dagger did not get a renewal announcement at Disney’s Upfront presentation to the advertisers on Tuesday. Freeform’s dark fantasy series Siren did get a third season nod, but there was no word on the Marvel show. On the flip side, C&D made it through Black Friday last week with no cancellation announcement, so its network has not given up on it yet either. Likely they are still trying to work out a deal for a third season, and/or are continuing to monitor the ratings results. Disney owns both Freeform and Marvel (and you and me pretty soon), so any potential profits for this show remain in house. And with Disney+ launching later this year along with the buyout of Hulu, the Mouse House has plenty of streaming options for this show (it plays better in digital viewing due to its younger-skewing audience).  Also, C&D is already established as part of the MCU, so there is no need to reboot the characters as Disney is doing with The X-Men and other mutants coming over from the FOX buyout.

I have had Cloak and Dagger On the Bubble for the last few weeks, and the fact that it did not get a renewal during the Upfronts reinforces its tenuous position, though I still believe that the show has slightly better than even odds of returning for a third season. But fans can’t sit on the sidelines and hope that will happen. Right now is the time for a strong Call to Action which means taking to the social networks, staging online viewing parties, voting for the show in our season end poll, and making as much noise to support it as possible. If Disney and Freeform are on the fence about this show’s fate, an outpouring of support could nudge them in the renewal direction. But fans must act now lest this show will end up as yet another Peak TV casualty.

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