Cancellation Watch: Final Call on The Orville, Cloak and Dagger, Happy!, The Passage, and More as We Head to the End of the Season

By | May 9, 2019

The regular season is almost over, and next week the broadcast networks have their Upfront presentations when they unveil their schedules for the 2019-2020 season to their sponsors. That brings us one day away from “Black Friday” when the broadcast nets typically announce most if not all of their cancellations.  Last year, Syfy gave The Expanse the ax on that day while FOX put a stake through Lucifer (both were eventually revived by Amazon and Netflix respectively after raucous fan campaigns).  Other genre shows cancelled on that day included FOX’s Last Man on Earth, ABC’s The Inhumans, and ABC’s Kevin (Probably) Saves the World.

This year, there are not too many broadcast network shows that are awaiting word on their fates, but when you add the cable nets and streaming services, there are several to keep an eye.  Following is a rundown of the shows from the 2018-19 season that have yet to receive a renewal or cancellation notice along with my final call on where they stand.  I am not including most of the first season Netflix shows like Black Summer and Chambers because there is very little info available to gauge their chances.  But I do consider all of them more likely than not to be back for a second season.  For those indicated below as Call to Action shows, I have discussed them in more detail at this link and be sure to vote for your favorite show among those not renewed yet in our end of season poll. And for a rundown of all the shows already renewed or cancelled this season, go to this link.

Cloak and Dagger (Freeform, Status: On the Bubble): The numbers for this show are down notably in its second season and last week it scored a series low 0.09 rating based on same day viewing.  It doesn’t appear to be making up too much slack from delayed viewing either, so I have this one firmly On the Bubble.  Disney owns both Freeform and Marvel, though, and the show has received critical praise while also developing a notable following online.  I’d rate it as slightly better than a toss-up for getting a third season, but this one is definitely a Call to Action show.

Deadly Class (Syfy, Status: Renewal Possible): This show started out with decent numbers, but saw those slip as its first season progressed.  Syfy’s parent company has an ownership stake in the shows and I believe it did just barely good enough to get the second season nod.  But a Call to Action on the social nets could give it a boost, though.

Happy! (Syfy, Status: On the Bubble): This hard-boiled fantasy has seen its ratings drop notably in its second season and Syfy is particularly bad about supporting its shows past the inaugural season.  The network’s parent company does have an ownership stake in the show, though, so that’s what keeps me from moving this to Cancellation Likely status.  But I do consider it more likely to be sent to the Network Executioner than to get a third season, so this one needs a Call to Action as well.

MacGyver (CBS, Status: Renewal Likely): Like pretty much every other show on this list, MacGyver‘s ratings are down this year.  But it is owned by CBS and in its third season, so it would be unprecedented for the network to cancel it.  One more season gets it to the minimum threshold of episodes preferred for a syndication run and that’s where shows really start to make money.  Plus, it plugs up an hour on low-viewership Fridays.  It does seem a bit odd that CBS has not announced the renewal yet, but I do expect this one to be back on the schedule next season. UPDATE: This show has been renewed by CBS.

Mars (NGC, Status: On the Bubble): This docu-drama saw its U.S. ratings fall notably in its second season, but the show has performed quite well globally. It’s been over five months since it wrapped up its second season with no word on its future, though, so I have moved it to Bubble status and consider it a toss-up at this point.

The OA (Netflix, Status: Renewal Possible): This show has received some good buzz through its first two seasons, and I am betting that Netflix keeps it around for another year.  But that streaming service has had a tendency to end shows after the third season lately, so this one could wrap up at that point.

The Orville (FOX, Status: On the Bubble): A lot of eyes are on this show now as its ratings dropped notably in its second season and its status is tenuous at the moment.  It did see significant gains in Live+7 delayed viewing which the broadcast networks are paying a little more attention to lately.  But the recent Disney buyout of FOX entertainment properties reduces the stake that the FOX TV network (not part of the Mouse House’s acquisition) has in the show.  Seth McFarlane does still have some pull at the network, so maybe that will help to get this one to a third season.  I consider it a toss-up at this point and The Orville will be the one that will generate this year’s big Save My Show campaign if it gets cancelled.  This one definitely needs a Call to Action from fans.  UPDATE: This show has been renewed for a third season.

The Passage (FOX, Status: Cancellation Likely): The ratings for this show were not terrible in its first season, but they weren’t great either and it did not make up too much slack with delayed viewing. I believe that Disney now has an ownership stake in this one after the buyout, and if that is true the FOX TV network will not be as invested in it. With less hours to program next year due to wrestling hitting the schedule, I’m thinking this one will end up getting squeezed out and fans need to make a strong Call to Action to save it. UPDATE: This show has been cancelled by FOX.

Siren (Freeform, Status: Renewal Possible): This one is currently on hiatus until July and it is yet another show that has seen its numbers drop in its second season. But they are not down too bad, and I consider it still on track for a third season at this point if it does not slip too much when it returns.

The Tick (Prime Video, Status: Renewal Possible): This show has been well received across its first two seasons and I consider it a good candidate for a third year renewal at this point.

Young Justice (DCU, Status: Renewal Possible): DC Universe gave early renewals to its other original series Titans and Doom Patrol, but there has been no word on this one yet. It returns from hiatus in June and I consider its chances pretty good, but those fans who fought so hard for it before may want to make some noise to convince the streaming service to go ahead on greenlight the fourth season.

Be sure to keep a close eye on this site over the next few days for breaking news on these and other shows.  And also be sure to join the #CancelledSciFiArmy on twitter to help bolster our ranks as we fight to save our sci fi and fantasy shows.

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15 thoughts on “Cancellation Watch: Final Call on The Orville, Cloak and Dagger, Happy!, The Passage, and More as We Head to the End of the Season

  1. Mike F

    My family’s two favorite shows, and really the only things we currently watch other than local news, are both on this list. Cloak and Dagger, and The Orville. They’d BETTER get renewed, or no more TV watching for us! There is seriously nothing else on TV that has us at all interested right now. Where are those Calls to Action you speak of?


    if you like sa t.v. show it would be drop I stop watching a lot of t.v.

  3. Ernest Arnette


  4. glynda reich

    love the Orville but it’s almost like Fox wants to cancel it. I can never find it on the schedule.

  5. Alan Wayne Lambert

    Last I heard from Orville, it’s just a matter of hammering out a deal with Seth. Primarily he wants Mouse House to leave them alone. More a matter of when than if on renewal. There were requests to start sending jars of pickles to Fox but the production guys said it’s too early to do that. Seth also has offers to take it to Netflix, Amazon, TBS and SciFi if the Mouse gets bitchy.

    1. johnnyjay Post author

      Good news. Do you have anything to confirm that info?

  6. Kelly Melvin

    The Orville just got a comic and toy deal, this is USUALLY a good sign the show is coming back

  7. Drush76

    I honestly don’t care whether “The Orville” is cancelled or renewed. It’s a toss up to me.

  8. Nathaniel Picca

    I will be so mad if The Orville and/or Happy! get canceled. I love how this past season was more like Star Trek, but still had it’s jokes for The Orville. And Happy! Is Christopher Meloni’s best work since SVU. Yes, it’s got its language and violence, but it’s still absolutely hilarious.

  9. Facetious1

    Yup, 2 of my favorite shows, “The Orville” and “Cloak and Dagger”. These network executives have no idea what people want to watch. You can’t go strictly by “ratings”. You cannot quantify me and my personal interests (nor all the world’s) with a mathematical equation.

  10. nonW00t

    If The Orville doesn’t come back then I am never getting into another series for as long as tv still exists. lol

  11. Nola

    Especially since the Mouse House is trying to own everything, there are less and less reasons to watch tv every year. Most of the shows I like/love have been cancelled and I’m STILL reeling from the catastrophe of the Into the Badlands cancellation over at ths TWD 24/7 channel oh I mean AMC. Orville is the only reason why I even watch fox after they cancelled Lucifer and it’s definitely one of the better scifi shows out there even compared to streaming sci-fi originals. Legion was an AMAZING show with depth and did a great job with bringing the character to life and I really liked The Gifted. I fell for C&D after the 1st episode and it’s definitely a worthy show for renewal, and freeform isn’t known for it’s stellar original program much like syfy. However i will admit I’m not crazy about the current season.

    Syfy doesn’t have much to offer either, which they rarely do. Now as much as I love Happy!, if it werete cancelled I wouldn’t be too broken up over it. It’s fun to watch but that’s about it. Deadly Class would be the one I’d be broken up over because I love how it’s doing justice to the comic and not taking unecessary liberties unlike Wynonna Earp which I stopped caring about after the awful that was last season and the new dynamic.


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