Call to Action: Fans Are Pulling Out the Big Guns to Support Wynonna Earp

By | February 28, 2019

Last week, news broke that production on the fourth season of Syfy’s supernatural western Wynonna Earp has been delayed because the show’s production company IDW Entertainment has run into some financial troubles.  Fans immediately took to Twitter as the news started to spread and showed their support with the #FightForWynonna hashtag (also the misspelled version #FightForWynnona).  Since then, fans have upped their efforts and have a multi-phase campaign to show their support and hopefully assure that the fourth season does happen.  The site has the full information plus regular updates, but here is a quick rundown of what they are doing.

Phase 1: Twitter

Fans are being asked to take to Twitter to show their support and to include the hashtags #FightForWynonna and #WynonnaEarp. The campaign is asking fans to also include @IDWPublishing and @Syfy, and I believe that @Netflix should be included as well because that streaming service is running past seasons and could be convinced to come onboard to help with the finances (both IDW and Syfy have already said they want to do the fourth season, it is just a matter of the money at this point).

Phase 2: Email Campaign

The campaign site has requested that fans send emails to supporting the show, and I believe they should send the same to the Netflix contact form for the same reasons as above.

Phase 3: Facebook

This is basically the same as Phase 1 above but targeting the IDW Facebook page. Again, I believe that this should be extended to the Netflix Facebook page as well.

Phase 4: Netflix

On the campaign site this is mostly addressing the international fans since they are watching the show on Netflix. But this phase basically tells you to do the same as the additional Netflix suggestions I have mentioned above. Another thing I believe they should do is stage viewing parties of the show on Netflix so that the streamer can see just how strong the support for the show is.  I believe that Netflix could be crucial to saving the show and the fans need to target that company as much as possible.

Phase 5: Phone Call Campaign

This was recently added and the request is to call IDW to show your support. A script for what to say and the specifics of where to call are included on the site.

More details for each of the phases above is included on the site and I believe that fans should get very active in showing their support. We already saw Netflix save Lucifer and Amazon save The Expanse last year, so we know that fan support does make a difference. Wynonna Earp has demonstrated a very active, very loyal, and very wonderful fanbase across its three seasons so far, and I believe they can make the difference for the show’s future. Be sure to follow as well as their Twitter Site and Facebook Page for updates on the campaign.  And will be passing on information as well.  Now is the time for the Call to Action and to #FightForWynonna!

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