Sci Fi TV News Briefs: Matt Nix Suggests The Gifted Could Shift to Streaming, American Gods May Be on Track for Third Season, and More

By | February 14, 2019

Sci Fi TV News Briefs: Quick hits keeping you updated on sci fi and fantasy television news.

Saved by Streaming? FOX’s X-Men spin-off series The Gifted is currently that network’s lowest rated scripted show and is very much On the Bubble in its second season season. Apparently even series creator Matt Nix does not have too much confidence in the show returning for a third year on that network. He had the following to say about the show’s prospect in an interview with SlashFilm:

I think that my sense is that the most likely thing is that if we come back, we’ll come back in some sort of creative way. Some partnership, because I think what we’ve discovered is that fans of The Gifted are big fans of The Gifted. We have a solid fan base and it’s a little small for the broadcast networks. But we do well on streaming so there may be, my hope is that there’s something to work out in that realm.

Hulu might be a good option for the show now that Disney is taking ownership of FOX’s properties and also has a stake in that streaming service. But note that Nix said that he has “hope” that something will work out, not that he knows a shift in venues is likely. Fans of this show should definitely take to the social networks with a Call to Action to bring more attention to it and boost its prospects.

Gift of the Gods: Starz’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods returns for its second season on March 10th and a third year of the series may already be in the works. An inside source had this to say about the show to Deadline Hollywood: “We didn’t make Season 2 of American Gods not to make a Season 3”. That series has gone through a fair amount of behind the scenes turmoil with yet another showrunner needed if a third season does happen. But the first season made it about a third of the way through the book and the second year will likely reach somewhere around the two-thirds mark. The show received plenty of acclaim in its first year, so it makes sense that Starz would keep it around long enough to at least wrap up the original story.

A TWD Reunion? Warning, spoilers ahead for the next season of The Walking Dead. Yesterday we reported that Danai Gurira will be leaving TWD in its tenth season, and Hollywood Reporter is suggesting that she could be reunited with Andrew Hudson in the upcoming films that will focus on Rick Grimes. Since Michonne had a romantic connection with Rick in the regular series, it would make sense that she would seek him out if she found evidence that he is still alive.  So perhaps those two will team up once again.

Brave New Network: The long-in-development adaptation of Brave New World will be moving from Syfy to its larger sibling network USA. Based on Aldous Huxley’s classic dystopian tale of the same name, it was announced last year for Syfy but finds itself on the move. It is unclear at this point if this is intended as a mini-series adapting just the book, or if it could go beyond that story as an ongoing series.

Back to the Drawing Board: The CW previously announced plans to reboot the 2004 series The 4400, but choose not to order a pilot for that one in the current cycle claiming that a script could not be completed in time. But the network is keeping that project alive and will will roll it to next year.

The TCAs are going on currently when the networks talk with the critics about their current and upcoming schedules, so expect more breaking news over the next week or so. Be sure to stay tuned to this site and the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for breaking news as well as the latest ratings results.

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