Sci Fi TV Development: NBC Is Adapting The Black Tapes Podcast to Series, Freeform Goes Gothic with Turn of the Screw

By | December 20, 2018

Development announcements have slowed the last couple of weeks, but there was still news on upcoming production. Here is the rundown on that:

NBC is adapting The Black Tapes podcast to series

Network: NBC

Credits: Matthew Arnold (Executive Producer), Paul Bae (Co-Creator / Executive Producer), Terry Miles (Co-Creator / Executive Producer), Entertainment 360 (Production Company), Universal TV (Studio)

Starring: TBA

Description: “In the podcast, host Alex Reagan narrates a nonfiction-styled fictional story over multiple episodes, using a format that has been compared to Serial. The story begins as a biography of paranormal investigator Dr. Richard Strand, an “evangelical skeptic” on a mission to debunk all claims of the supernatural. Reagan becomes interested in his collection of unsolved cases, which she begins calling his “Black Tapes,” and the podcast evolves into an exploration of these cases, paranormal culture, and the mysterious life of Dr. Strand.” Deadline Hollywood

Comments: The original podcast creators will be onboard for this one and the network will be considering the show for its Fall 2019 schedule.

Freeform is developing the supernatural drama Turn of the Screw

Network: Freeform

Credits: Alexandra McNally (Executive Producer), Josh Berman (Executive Producer), Sony Pictures Television (Studio)

Starring: TBA

Description: “A twisty Gothic soap reimagined for modern times, the series will follow Elena, a Mexican-American nanny who is hired to care for the two children of a widowed-father at their summer home on idyllic Bainbridge Island. It seems like the perfect job with potential for a ‘happily ever after’ ending, but things take a sinister turn when Elena begins seeing ghosts and her grip on what is real and what is not blurs.” Deadline Hollywood

Comments: This is based on the classic Gothic horror novel of the same name written by Henry James. Freeform will be looking to add this to their schedule mid-to-late 2019.

NBC is adapting Blacksmith graphic novel to series

Network: NBC

Credits: Jeff Wadlow (Writer / Executive Producer), Universal TV (Studio)

Starring: TBA

Description:Blacksmith is centered on Alex Malloy, known in the intelligence community for building high-tech weapons for U.S. government agencies. When he discovers some of the files containing his weapon designs have fallen into the wrong hands, he sets off on a journey to recover the files before his weapons are used for harm.” Deadline Hollywood

Comments: This is based on the graphic novel by Malik Evans and Richard Sparkman. The network will be considering the show for its Fall 2019 schedule.

CBS is working on the sci fi procedural Embody

Network: CBS

Credits: Chai Hecht (Writer / Executive Producer), Leo Pearlman (Executive Producer), Jeff Grosvenor (Executive Producer), CBS Television Studios (Studio)

Starring: TBA

Description: ” In the series, after a mission gone wrong renders her permanently blind, a special agent volunteers for an experimental government program that can temporarily transfer her consciousness into someone else’s body, giving her the ability to see through their eyes as she infiltrates high-stakes situations and takes down criminals from within.” Variety

Comments: The network will likely be considering this one for their Fall 2019 schedule.

The Fall season is in the final stretch now. Be sure to stay tuned to this site and the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site throughout the season for the latest ratings results and status updates for your favorite shows.

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