Rare Sci Fi TV on DVD: Science Fiction Theatre, Space Patrol, Men Into Space, and More

By | August 6, 2018

The Classic Radio and TV Site has quite a number of older sci fi TV shows on DVD, many of which are hard to find. Some shows like Science Fiction Theatre and Men into Space have lapsed into the public domain but have never received official DVD releases. These and more are available from this site in professionally produced DVD sets. Here’s a sample of what they have to offer:

Science Fiction Theatre

Truman Bradley hosted the Science Fiction Theatre television show for
the entire run beginning in 1955 until its end in 1957. Two seasons were aired with 39 episodes each for a total of 78. With real life science experts serving as advisors for the show, many subjects of the time were included, such as UFO’s, mental telepathy, psycho kinesis, robots, man’s first flight into outer space, and the possibility of thawing out frozen prehistoric animals were dealt with in a “What If” scenario. The show was a great combination of Science Fact and Science Fiction.

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Space Patrol

The stories followed the 30th-century adventures of Commander Buzz Corry (Ed Kemmer) of the United Planets Space Patrol and his young sidekick Cadet Happy (Lyn Osborn) as they faced interplanetary bad guys with diabolical schemes. Cmdr. Corry and his allies were aided by such nifty gadgets as “miniature space-o-phones” and “atomolights.” “Space Patrol” began its life on TV before becoming a popular radio attraction (See Bonus with this set) and even managed to stay on the radio after its television run. The show was one of many kids adventure shows that dotted television back in the 1950s.

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Men Into Space

Men Into Space a black-and-white weekly television series aired between September 1959 and September 1960. The star of the series was the actor William Lundigan, who played Colonel Ed McCauley. It was the first attempt at a realistic portrayal of what engineers believed it would be like in the near future when manned space flight to Earth orbit, the Moon, asteroids, and Mars became routine. Although it is clear in retrospect that the creators of the series were much too optimistic about how easy it would be to build such things as a cheap ground-to-orbit and ground-to-Moon transportation system, a space station providing rotation-induced artificial gravity, and a permanently manned Moon base, they were surprisingly accurate in their predictions in many ways.

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Even more sci fi TV shows are available such as Lights Out, Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, Journey to the Unknown. Shop for these and more at Classic Radio and TV Site.

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