Cancellation Watch: Superstition Is Apparently Not Coming Back for a Second Season

By | July 25, 2018

Superstition was one of two supernatural-tinged shows that debuted on Syfy last Fall, the other being Ghost Wars. Neither found much of an audience, and the expected cancellation of Ghost Wars was announced in May. But there was no word on Superstition at that point, possibly because it was set to start streaming internationally on Netflix at the end of April, and the network wanted to see how it performed there. Those viewership numbers are not available, but it would appear that they were not enough to earn the show another season. tracked down a tweet from series co-star Robinne Lee which indicated that there are currently no plans for a second season.

Of course, this does not count as an official cancellation announcement. But it does strongly suggest that the show is done. And Syfy may just let it fade away without even acknowledging the cancellation similar to what it did with Olympus after that show ran for one low-rated season in 2015. For now, I am going to consider Superstition to be cancelled. But if this one has developed any sort of following, those fans need to get active on the social nets to try and convince Syfy, Netflix, or another venue that their are enough people that care about a second season of the show.

Superstition follows the Hastings family who own a funeral home in the La Rochelle, Georgia and who protect the dark secrets of that town. It stars Mario Van Peebles, Robinne Lee, Brad James, Demetria McKinney, and Morgana Van Peebles.

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