Cancellation Watch: The Battle of Ash vs. Evil Dead Could End, Agents of SHIELD May Have More Missions, Plus Ratings Results

By | April 7, 2018

Bruce Campbell: “If They Cancel It I Think Ash Is Done”

Starz’s Ash vs. Evil Dead has been down in the ratings in its third season and this past Sunday managed just a 0.07 rating based on same day viewing for the 18-49 demographic with 196K total viewers. I thought it still might be okay because it faces some stiff competition this season, going up directly against The Walking Dead. But recent comments by Bruce Campbell suggests that the battle against evil could possibly come to an end. When asked about the future of the show in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said “we’re in the horrible television limbo right now” and suggested that if the show was cancelled they might do an Evil Dead 4 movie. But this past month, Campbell changed his tune and had this to say: “Another movie? No, no, no. Because if they cancel it I think Ash is done.” The third season already had a delayed start due to behind the scenes shakeups, and Campbell has not sounded optimistic lately when asked about the show’s future. For now, I am moving it On the Bubble and will likely keep it there until we here the final word from Starz. Fans do have an online petition to show support for a fourth season and a Call to Action on the social networks could definitely help this one as well.

Season 6 Rumors Have Surfaced for Agents of SHIELD

The site is claiming that ABC’s Marvel Universe series Agents of SHIELD will be getting a Season 6 renewal. According to a post that was updated on Thursday, they say that three sources have confirmed the show will be back for another year and that it will be moving back to its Tuesday night timeslot. There has been no official announcement, but this news is in line with other things that I have been hearing. Series co-star Henry Simmons previously stated that he heard the show will be returning, and Clark Gregg will be making an appearance in next year’s Captain Marvel movie, so Disney may want to keep the show on the air to keep the television tie-in. The ratings have been down this season and the showrunners previously stated that they were approaching the season finale as if it could be a series finale. But any additional seasons are just padding to the syndication package at this point and the network will make its money back. ABC has struggled with the Tuesday 10 PM EST hour this season, and moving Agents of SHIELD back there next year is a good enough way to plug up a low-viewership hour on the schedule while keeping a link to the Marvel movies on television. I had already moved the show back to Renewal Possible status, and currently the future is looking better for the show. But a Call to Action on the social networks could help it along as well and nudge ABC / Disney toward firming up that renewal nod.

Ratings Results of Interest: Legion Returns Down, Krypton Remains Strong

On Tuesday, FX’s Legion returned for its second season and posted a 0.30 rating based on same day viewing in the demo with 669K total viewers. That’s down from the 0.69 rating it had for its Season 1 premiere and also from the 0.5 average it had last year. Those numbers may still be acceptable for a cable series these days, but this one does not have a lot of room for slippage and may find itself On the Bubble pretty soon. On Wednesday, Syfy’s Krypton slipped just slightly to a 0.29 rating with 955K total viewers. Those are still very strong numbers for Syfy, though, and I expect this one to soar into a second season.

On Thursday, Freeform’s Siren slipped to a 0.23 rating with 621K total viewers, but those are still decent numbers for that network this season. Over on The CW Supernatural slipped to a 0.4 rating with 1.4 million total viewers and Arrow matched its Thanksgiving Day low with a 0.3 rating and 868K total viewers. There was not that much competition on the night, so I’m not sure why they both slipped that much. But they have already been renewed, so no reason to fret too much. Be sure to follow the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for the latest results and to stay tuned as we approach the countdown to season end in May.  Ratings Source: ShowBuzzDaily

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One thought on “Cancellation Watch: The Battle of Ash vs. Evil Dead Could End, Agents of SHIELD May Have More Missions, Plus Ratings Results

  1. Bob

    The problems are not that these shows are not good and that there is a lack of fans or viewers it’s the opposite, what’s happening is that with the Internet and online sources such as Amazon Prime, Hulu and now Youtube TV and Netflix people are just not watching these shows when they air rather people are watching them even purchasing each episodes each week, I myself do this, honestly I have not watched TV in general nor watch any of my favorites show on TV when they air since 2006. The reason this is happening is because most if not all Networks have run amuck with way to many commercial breaks, to many Hiatus’s which makes the experience of getting involved in a show much harder, you invest up to about 8 to 10 episodes and then there is that 2 month long hiatus, then the show returns for 4 more episodes and the yet another hiatus, some show with a shorter episode run start a new season late and people are forced to wait of up to 7 to 10 months for a new season, also other factors play into this decline of TV viewers is that Networks have now adopted having their annoying Network Logo that constantly rests at the left or right bottom corner of the Tv screen, on top of that many Networks while airing their shows also have the annoying Pop-Up’s of sponsored Products and other ads that sometimes takes up the whole bottom half of the TV screen and with animations which makes enjoying a show miserable, some shows that are action packed often has these annoying half screen ads always seems to happen when there is an important scene and a 42Min show is plagued with so many commercial breaks, The TV experiences has gotten so bad over the years, I remember when TV used to be enjoyable less commercial less breaks in the shows and did not take 7 to 10 months to get a new season, all this I believe is frustrating to people, so why not just download your shows each week as I do and simply wait till the season is over to just binge watch and enjoy with out any interruptions, after all when you download the episodes, there are no commercials and you don’t need to worry about lengthy breaks. So In effects the real problems of low ratings are the fault of the Network.


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