The StargateNow Drive to Revive Campaign Scored Another Success Over the Weekend

By | March 12, 2018

The effort to convince MGM to produce another live-action entry in their Stargate franchise and also to convince them to make Stargate Command a dedicated platform for sci fi TV received an outpouring of support this past weekend. Spearheaded by former Stargate writer and executive producer (as well as Dark Matter co-creator) Joseph Mallozzi, the Tweet Storm in the U.S. on Friday night generated over one hundred thousand tweets and 76 million impressions. The dress rehearsal from the prior week delivered 35K, so combined that was a major show of support from fans. I haven’t seen the final numbers from the Saturday international Tweet Storm, but Mallozzi did mention that he had seen 250K total through Sunday.

It is now wait-and-see to find out if the fan effort has convinced MGM to move forward with another Stargate series, but this is yet another indication that fan support on the social networks can make a difference. MGM is definitely listening and if they decide to produce a new series, then the fans (as well as leadership from Mallozzi and the @StargateNow folks) made it happen. In the Peak TV era when ratings are dwindling to a fraction of a point for many shows, support on the social networks is becoming more important and the fans must remain diligent in backing their shows on those platforms.

One thought on “The StargateNow Drive to Revive Campaign Scored Another Success Over the Weekend

  1. pamela white

    I Loved Stargate when it first came out and i never missed one episode, however when richard dean anderson left that was the death nail for it, it did try to keep going but it was never the same again as he was missing from the show and a big big part of it, amanda tapping is outstanding i would watch anything with her in i but to try and bring it all back again without Teal’c ? may be just toomuch to deal with as he was why the whole things kicked off in the first place by him joining sg1…but i am happy to back you guys…Respect….PAMELA


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