The StargateNow Dress Rehearsal Was a Huge Success, Next Weekend Is the Big Show

By | March 3, 2018

The StargateNow initiative is rallying fans to show support for another series in the Stargate franchise (and possibly more sci fi TV in general like a Dark Matter mini-series) and it had its dress rehearsal Tweet Storm on Friday March 2nd.  That proved a huge success as the goal was to reach ten thousand tweets in an hour and was greatly exceeded by amassing almost 35 grand (and over 17 million impressions).  On Saturday, the dress rehearsal internationally tallied just over 30 thousands tweets (and over 14 million impressions).  The big show is planned for this coming weekend and could potentially break Twitter if the dress rehearsal is any indication.  You can get the details for this coming weekend’s Tweet Storm at this link and be sure to StargateNow on Twitter and on Facebook to get updates and more information throughout the week.

We at have long championed the Call to Action by fans and shows like Timeless and Sense8 have been saved or at least given a proper finale after a strong outpouring of support.  We should definitely get behind the StargateNow movement because MGM has shown an interest in expanding their Stargate Command streaming service to become a dedicated platform for sci fi.  If we can push the needle far enough this weekend, that could go a long way toward bringing us more of the sci fi TV we want.  The television landscape has changed and we now have a viable outlet for making our voices heard.  When one of the major studios is listening, we need to take advantage of that opportunity.

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