StargateNow: Your Efforts Could Deliver More Stargate, More Dark Matter, and More Sci Fi

By | March 1, 2018

Stargate has been off the air since 2011 (when SGU was cancelled by Syfy), but former writer and executive producer (and Dark Matter co-creator) Joseph Mallozzi  believes that it is time for a return of the franchise. The Stargate: Origins web series debuted on the Stargate Command streaming service last week, but it has received mixed reviews and has not satisfied fans’ desires for more stories in that universe.  But Mallozzi is spearheading efforts to get another ongoing Stargate series in the works that would run on the SGC service.

After the huge outpouring of support for Dark Matter on the social networks Mallozzi decided to kick off a campaign to help gauge the interest in a new Stargate entry. @StargateNow has been set up to give the fans the chance to show their support and multiple tweet-storms are planned to get the show trending. If this effort shows enough support for a return of the series, then MGM could be persuaded to move forward with a fourth Stargate entry. And apparently they are considering expanding Stargate Command beyond that show and would like to make it the go to sci fi streaming service. That could include a Dark Matter mini-series, designed to give that show a proper conclusion, and more.

We at have long championed the Call to Action by fans as the best way to support the many, many shows trying to survive in the Peak TV crunch. And the @StargateNow movement has a good plan in place as well as a studio willing to listen and respond to that call from fans. Whether you are a Stargate fan, Dark Matter fan, or just love sci fi in general, this is a movement to get behind. The sci fi community in general believes that Syfy has fallen short of supporting the genre on television, and now Stargate Command could be ready to pick up that torch and run with it.  A “dress-rehersal” tweet storm is planned for Friday March 2nd (Saturday March 3rd internationally) and the big show happens one week later. Go to this link to get the details and be sure to follow @StargateNow and the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for updates throughout the week.

2 thoughts on “StargateNow: Your Efforts Could Deliver More Stargate, More Dark Matter, and More Sci Fi

  1. Joseph Mallozzi

    Thanks for this however this line “Apparently MGM took notice of the efforts by Dark Matter fans to save their show and have reached out to Mallozzi to help gauge the interest in a new Stargate entry” is incorrect. I came up with the idea of reaching out to fandom without any prompting from the studio and the campaign is 100% fan-driven.

    1. johnnyjay Post author

      Thanks for the heads up and I have adjusted the wording in the article. We appreciate your efforts and will do all we can to get as much support as possible to move forward with more Stargate, Dark Matter, and more.


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