Sci Fi TV News: Quentin Tarantino Wants to Do a Star Trek Movie, Constantine Arrives on Legends of Tomorrow, and More

By | December 6, 2017

Sci Fi TV on the Big Screen: Quentin Tarantino May Beam Aboard the Star Trek Franchise

Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill) has covered his share of genres during his legendary career, but he has never done a straight up science fiction film. That may change, though, because now he has an idea that fits with the Star Trek franchise.  He has shared that with J.J. Abrams, current producer of the film series, and the two are considering moving forward with the project with Tarantino taking up the director’s chair.  All of this is in the very early stages, and both men are currently busy with other projects (a Charles Manson film for Tarantino and Star Wars Episode IX for Abrams).  But seeing as the Star Trek reboot films stalled at the box office with the latest entry, Star Trek Beyond, it’s possible that Tarantino’s involvement could bring people back to the theaters for a fourth movie.  Since Trek has become such a corporate controlled franchise, though, it would be interesting to see if Tarantino could really put much of his own spin on that universe.  This story is still developing so keep an eye on this site for further updates.

More Sci Fi TV News of Note

Fan favorite Matt Ryan showed up unexpectedly as Constantine on last night’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow and that sets up a continuation of his story in the next episode which will air when the show returns from hiatus on January 16th.  At this point, it looks like that will be his only other episode on this series this season, but hopefully he will crossover on more of the Arrow-verse shows (he already appeared on Arrow back in its fourth season).  Matt Ryan will also be voicing the character in the animated Constantine series that will stream on CW Seed at some point next year.

Netflix has cast Alice Eve (Star Trek: Into the Darkness) in the upcoming second season of Iron Fist, though there is no word at this point on the character she will play.

Netflix has won the bid in a competitive situation on a spec script for a sci fi film titled Mimi From Rio. Deadline Hollywood gives the following description to the story: “a sci-fi thriller set in the near future that tracks two brothers from the Favelas of Rio who are tasked with transporting the world’s first wholly sentient android”. Expect the streaming service to add that to their lineup of original movies at some point in 2018.

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