Will Van Helsing, Ghost Wars, and Superstition Be Renewed or Cancelled?

By | November 16, 2017

This ongoing column focuses on shows that currently have a question mark concerning their future. You can see the status of all the currently airing sci fi and fantasy shows at this link.

Syfy execs have to consider the Fall 2017 season to be somewhat of a disappointment with only two shows posting at or above a 0.2 rating (Z Nation and Channel Zero) and those only managing that a few times. And the network’s shift to horror / supernatural shows (despite a promise of a return to science fiction) has not proven popular with the audience. Three of Syfy’s Fall shows that fall right into those categories, Van Helsing, Ghost Wars, and Superstition, are currently struggling mightily in the ratings.  And Z Nation and Channel Zero definitely don’t count as ratings standouts.

The two new shows Ghost Wars and Superstition have not managed to get much above a 0.10 rating, and have slipped below that already low threshold the last few weeks. I have moved both of those shows to Cancellation Likely status and have seen no reason to rethink that. It is possible that international financing / partnerships could keep one or both of the shows alive at this point. Syfy has ownership in neither show and if their studios offer a deal that makes it worthwhile for the network to keep them going, they could be kept them around to bolster the scripted hours on the schedule. But short of that, I have to believe the Network Executioner has his eyes on both of these at this point because they are well below the levels we have seen Syfy cancel other shows.

Van Helsing is a slightly different story and may still have a shot at another season despite its ratings declines. It has an international partner (the Super Channel in Canada) picking up part of the costs, and Syfy may not want three cancellations on its report card this Fall. Plus, Van Helsing has also developed a loyal following that is active on the social networks, something that I have yet to see from the two new shows above. Those fans definitely need to make plenty of noise in support of the show, because that could tip the balance if Syfy is wavering on this one. I believe it still has a chance and I have it currently at Bubble status instead of Cancellation Likely.

As for Channel Zero, that show has already been renewed through a fourth season. And Z Nation is close to a lock for a fifth season if not more despite that fact that its ratings are down this year.

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