Cancellation Watch Breaking News: Sense8 Will Get a Two-Hour Series Finale

By | June 30, 2017

It happened this last season with NBC’s Timeless, and now the uproar from fans is leading to another show getting an extended lease on life. Netflix announced earlier this month that their sci fi series Sense8 would not be coming back for a third season because it is too expensive and did not draw enough viewers. But fans of the show started up a raucous effort to convince the streaming service to give it that third year or to let another network continue the show. Neither of those scenarios came about, but Netflix has agreed to do a two-hour finale for the show. Co-creater Lana Wachowski posted a letter thanking the fans to the Sense8 Facebook Page which you can see below.

I was actually surprised that Netflix outright cancelled this one because the trend lately has been to give shows a final season to resolve their storylines so that they play better to binge-watching. Apparently that would have been too expensive for Sense8, but at least they are giving it the chance for some level of resolution. And this again shows that in the Social Network Age, fans do have notable influence on the networks and they should continue to remain active in support of their shows.  The final Sense8 episode will be released at some point in 2018.

Letter from Lana Wachowski to Sense8 fans:

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