Cancellation Watch: Upfront Season is Upon Us and Will Bring Plenty of Cancellation and Renewal Announcements

By | April 8, 2017

 Unless otherwise noted, the ratings numbers below are based on the final overnights and may vary slightly from the preliminaries reported on the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site.

Upfront Schedule: The Upfronts are upon us when the broadcast networks and cable channels meet with advertisers and set their schedules for the upcoming season. We have already seen several announcements over the past few weeks, with two big ones coming just the past few days as USA renewed both Colony and Falling Water.   Expect plenty more renewal and cancellation announcements, as well as series pickups, to come over the next month. From now until mid-May, several of the cable channels and media outlets will be having their meetings. Then the broadcast nets will kick off there presentations starting on May 15th. Expect most of the renewal / cancellations announcements from those nets to have occurred by the week before that and series pickups could be announced then as well or on the week of the presentations (I will be putting up a post tracking all the renewals, cancellations, and pickups shortly). Below is the schedule for the broadcast nets and you can see the full Upfront schedule here.

  • Monday, May 15, 2017 NBC
  • Monday, May 15, 2017 FOX
  • Tuesday, May 16, 2017 ABC
  • Wednesday, May 17, 2017 CBS
  • Thursday, May 18, 2017 The CW

Stay tuned to this site for breaking news and updates as well as a a full rundown of all the announcements from the upfronts concerning sci fi & fantasy TV shows.

Ratings Results of Interest: On Tuesday, iZombie returned for its third season debut and pulled a 0.4 rating based on the overnights for the 18-49 demographic with less than one million total viewers, which is lower than where it ended its second year.  But show’s are still surviving at those levels on The CW these days, so this one still has a chance.  On Wednesday, Syfy’s The Expanse slipped just a bit to a 0.16 rating with 500K total viewers.  That show has already been renewed for a third season, but fans should continue to spread the word about it if they want it to stick around for a fourth. On Thursday, Powerless improved slightly to a 0.6 rating with 2.1 million total viewers, but that will likely not be enough to help it as the show looks certainly to be one-season-and-done.

Charts: The Walking Dead remained at the Number 1 spot in both of the cable Top 25 charts with its Season 7 finale and improved to Number 2 (up from Number 4) in the Nielsen Weekly Social Net Top 10.  Into the Badlands improved to Number 4 (up from Number 6) in the cable Top 25 based on the overnights for the 18-49 demo, but slipped in the chart based on total viewers to Number 15 (down from Number 13).  MacGyver returned to the broadcast network Top 25 based on total viewers at Number 24 after two weeks off.

Series Chart Curr Wk Rank Prior Wk Rank
Into the Badlands Cable Top 25 (18-49 Demo) 4 6
Into the Badlands Cable Top 25 (Total Viewers) 15 13
MacGyver Broadcast Net Top 25 (Total Viewers) 24 n/a
The Walking Dead Nielsen Social Net Ratings Top 10 2 4
The Walking Dead Cable Top 25 (18-49 Demo) 1 1
The Walking Dead Cable Top 25 (Total Viewers) 1 1

Be sure keep an eye out for the latest numbers and any breaking news throughout the week at the  Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site and Facebook Page. You can see the status of all the currently airing sci fi / fantasy shows at the Cancellation Watch page. And for more information on where I get these numbers and how I make my Cancellation Alert assessments, check out the Cancelled Sci Fi FAQ.

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