Cancellation Watch Breaking News: Netflix Renews The OA and Travelers, Sense8 May Not be so Lucky

By | February 8, 2017

Netflix announced two renewals today: paranormal series The OA will be returning for a second season, and time travel entry Travelers will also return for a second year (that one comes in a partnership with the Canadian Showcase channel). Neither announcement comes as huge surprise because the streaming services have renewed their freshman shows more often than not. Though it is never a sure thing and it is hard to assess where these shows stand because these services do not share their viewership numbers. But to date, all of Netflix’s sci fi and fantasy entries have received a second season order, including this year’s A Series of Unfortunate Events which was picked up originally for two seasons.

As for Sense8, which will have its second season bow on May 5th, that series may be facing the end of its run. Rumors have been circulating that the rather divisive series would be cancelled by Netflix, in part due to the long delay between its first and second season. But the streaming service announced a Christmas special episode last year (which bowed on December 23rd) and a May 2017 return for the show’s second season. Hints of cancellation have continued to circulate, though, despite the fact that series star Brian J Smith has said “there’s definitely more story to tell after season two”. He has tried to downplay the cancellation rumors saying “that all rests with Netflix and also the fans, too – if they like what happens, and they like what they see in season two, we’ll hear about it”. Sense8 comes from the Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski and follows a group of people across the world who share a psychic connection.

One more Netflix series currently awaiting word on its fate is the virus-outbreak entry Between. That show, which comes in a partnership with the Canadian City channel, streamed its second season last Summer, but there still has been no word on whether it will come back for a third year.

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