Sci Fi TV Listings for the Week of November 7th: Agents of SHIELD is Among Several Preemptions for the Week

By | November 7, 2016

agents-of-shield-season-4-posterThis week brings us no premieres and no finales, but we are starting to see the preemptions kicking in which will only increase as we head into the holiday season.  Most notable is ABC’s Agents of SHIELD which is off the schedule until late November.  That show has been struggling in the ratings again this season and apparently its network decided to give it a few week break during sweeps month when the advertisers are paying closer attention to the ratings results.  That’s not a good sign and it looks like ABC may start playing the schedule spackle game with that show throughout the rest of the season.  Also getting preempted this week are all the Tuesday shows on the Big Four broadcast nets (due to election coverage) and well as NBC’s Timeless and The Good Place and Disney XD’s Star Wars: Rebels. Also of note, I missed the fact that IFC’s new horror comedy series Stan Against Evil slipped onto the schedule last week. It had a Halloween preview episode then repeated that plus a new ep on Wednesday, its regular night. I have that show on the schedule going forward now. See the full listings at our partner

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