The Network Executioner’s Short List: Scream Queens Joins the List

By | October 19, 2016

cuddles-the-vultureFreeform’s Stitchers escaped me when that network decided to renew that show for a third season. But don’t believe the fans’ claims that they saved it through petitions and social network trending, the show certainly has international financing backing on its side. But while that one avoided my ax, Braindead ended up on my chopping block as long expected when CBS announced its demise this week. Now Scream Queens moves onto my short list as its numbers remain low. It is one of the two lowest rated shows currently on FOX, with The Exorcist being the other and it is already on my list. Moving on to my radar is USA’s Falling Water which had a rather tepid debut last week. You may say one episode is not enough to judge it, but I don’t expect to see it rise too much if at all in the ratings this week. And my pet vulture Cuddles and I also have an eye on NBC’s Timeless which is severely under-performing in the Monday, post-The Voice timeslot. If it slips any lower, it definitely will move onto my radar.

Recently Axed
Braindead (CBS)

The Short List
Agents of SHIELD (ABC)
Braindead (CBS)
The Exorcist (FOX)
Scream Queens (FOX)

On the Radar
Falling Water (USA)
The Last Man on Earth (FOX)
Wayward Pines (FOX)

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