The Fall 2016 Season Has Started! Here’s How to Keep Up With Over 40 Upcoming and Returning Sci Fi & Fantasy Shows

By | September 17, 2016

fall-2016-sci-fi-tvThe Fall 2016 season is upon us and it is bringing more than forty new and returning sci fi & fantasy shows to television from September to December. That’s practically a full-time job if you want to keep up with all of those shows, and it will be hard to know what is on when and how all these shows are doing. But Cancelled Sci Fi and the Sci Fi TV Site are here to help out. Following is the information on how to know what show’s are airing and when they are having their debuts as well as how likely they are to be cancelled or renewed.  And below is the information on the schedule, the listings, the rundown of shows, the cancellation / renewal status as well as some recent posts to prep you for the season. You definitely can’t complain that there is not enough sci fi on television these days, and we will do our best to help you keep track of it all.  And be sure to follow Cancelled Sci Fi on Twitter and the Sci Fi TV Site on Twitter for daily updates.

Fall 2016 Schedule of Sci Fi & Fantasy Shows: There are currently over 40 sci fi & fantasy shows debuting or returning from September to December.  Find out when they are airing and when they have their premieres with the Fall 2016 schedule.

The Massive List of Currently Airing, Returning, and Upcoming Sci Fi / Fantasy Shows – Fall 2016 Edition: This is your guide to all the nearly 100 sci fi & fantasy shows currently on the air or returning / upcoming over the next few months.

Sci Fi TV Listings: This is the schedule of sci fi & fantasy shows airing for the current week.

Sci Fi TV Premieres: See which shows are premiering each week along with trailers.

Cancellation Watch: Follow these posts for the latest ratings results as well as the cancellation / renewal prospects of your favorite shows and breaking news.

Follow Us on Twitter: Follow the Sci Fi TV Site on Twitter for schedule information, reminders of what is airing, and sci fi TV news.  Follow Cancelled Sci Fi on Twitter for the latest ratings results as well as breaking news.


Here are some recent posts to help you prep for the Fall 2016 Season:

Sci Fi TV Premieres: Trailers and info on recent and upcoming premieres

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Cancellation Watch: The 100, Agents of SHIELD and Five More That Could Be Heading Into Their Last Season

Cancellation Watch: The Flash and Gotham Will Make It Past the “Syndication Stretch” and are Guaranteed to Be Renewed This Coming Season

Cancellation Watch: So What About Those “Worthless” Overnights? Will the Networks Continue to Gauge Shows Based on Those Stats?

Cancellation Watch: A Look at Some Notable Ratings Trends and Stats as We Head into the New Season

Cancellation Watch: A Rundown of Last Season’s Cancelled Shows (as Well as Those Headed to Their Finale Seasons)


 More from Cancelled Sci Fi and the Sci Fi TV Site:

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