Cancellation Watch Breaking News: Houdini & Doyle Cancelled After One Season

By | August 3, 2016

houdini-and-doyle-fox-cancelledComing as no surprise, word broke today that turn-of-the-century, supernatural detective series Houdini & Doyle will not continue to a second season.  That show came as a partnership with FOX and the British ITV network and started its run in the States at the beginning of May.  It debuted with low ratings (even if it was counted as a Summer entry) and slipped further in subsequent weeks, nor did it see much in the way of delayed viewing gains.  Of course the show did not receive much promotion and it bowed at a time when most of the regular season entries were wrapping up, so it could have been lost in the mix.  Its viewership was not much better across the Atlantic, though, and it drew mediocre to negative reviews during its short run.  If it had performed better in Britain, perhaps ITV would have looked for another partner to carry it into a second season.  But apparently neither network was interested in keeping it around and the show became yet another one-season-and-out casualty of the Too-Much-TV era.

There are still two more Spring shows awaiting word on their fate, Chiller’s Slasher (renewal possible), and Freeform’s Stitchers (on the bubble), and several Summer entries have an uncertain future.  Keep a close eye on this site as well as the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for any breaking news on those shows and more in the coming weeks.

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