Cancellation Watch Breaking News: The CW Cancels Containment as Expected

By | May 12, 2016

containment-cw-cancelledComing as no surprise to myself (but maybe to the Cancellation Bear), The CW announced that their “limited run” series Containment has been cancelled (but wait, wasn’t it supposed end after its “limited run”?).  That show had a late bow this season and got that “limited run” tag added after the fact, so all indications were that it was a dead-show-walking.  The network did a very similar move with The Messengers last season, though even more blatantly indicated that it was a burn-off show by scheduling it on Fridays.  Containment at least had the benefit of the network’s top-rated The Flash as its lead-in and the 0.5 rating it has averaged based on the overnights for the the 18-49 demographic really aren’t that bad.  It has actually performed better compared to The CW’s average for non-special, non-repeat programming than renewed shows like The 100 and Vampire Diaries.  But Containment got squeezed out when the network renewed all of its other shows earlier in the year and it also has several new projects heading to the schedule next season.  In addition, Supergirl will be shifting from CBS to The CW.  So apparently the execs at the fifth place network decided a while back that Containment did not fit into their future plans and capped it off as a “limited run” entry.  So that means it won’t leave us hanging on a cliffhanger, right?

Keep a close eye on this site and the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for breaking news and other cancellation / renewal announcements as we cover the leadup to the Upfronts over the next few days.

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