Cancelled Too Soon: Brimstone (1998)

By | October 9, 2015

brimstone-fox-tv-1998This rather dark series bowed on the FOX schedule in 1998 and followed a man named Ezekiel Stone who was sent to Hell for the revenge killing of his wife’s rapist but is given a chance for redemption when the Devil enlists his service to track down 113 souls that escaped from the underworld (he has a tattoo on his body for each soul that disappears once he sends them back).   He must kill them and return them to Hell by shooting them through the eyes, a rather morbid means of dispatching the victims sure enough!  And that was just the beginning of the dark tone this show took on, though it did manage to weave some interesting tales into its soul-of-the-week format and John Glover did a Hell of a job (no apologies for the pun) chewing up the scenery as the Devil.  As the lead-in to Millennium in that show’s third season on Friday nights, this Brimstone offered the first half of a rather grim two hour block of television.  And unfortunately the show was yet another sacrificial lamb that FOX threw to the TV Gods as they continued unsuccessfully to try and find something that would stick in the Friday 8 PM EST hour.  It didn’t help that NBC had hit series Providence airing at the same hour, and—not surprisingly—Brimstone ended up failing to pull much of an audience on the night resulting in the show falling to the Reaper after half a season.  It did develop a cult following (not that type of cult) and has had multiple encore runs in syndication on the Sci Fi Channel and later Chiller, and it’s definitely worth checking if you like dark, supernatural shows.  Unfortunately, this show has yet to receive a DVD release, though I believe that Chiller still keeps it in their regular rotation of shows.  And interestingly enough, The CW did a more light-hearted take on the concept in 2007 with Reaper, though that one only managed to last for two low-rated seasons.  But it would be interesting to watch a throw-down between John Glover’s and Ray Wise’s Devil’s!

Aired:  FOX, 1998-99, 1 Season Totaling 13 Episodes

Starring: Peter Horton, John Glover, Stacy Haiduk

Created By: Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris

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