Cancellation Watch Breaking News: Constantine’s Not Dead Yet as Matt Ryan Will Reprise His Role for at Least One Episode of Arrow This Coming Season

By | August 11, 2015

constantine-nbc-cancelledNBC may have cancelled the much-beloved Constantine series this past season after it only produced thirteen episodes, but the character will be escaping the Network Executioner at least briefly this coming season.  Matt Ryan will be reprising the role on an upcoming episode of The CW’s Arrow during that show’s fourth season because they are both DC properties and Warner Bros. holds the rights to both on television.  The producers of the latter series had previously expressed an interest in bringing the Constantine character to Arrow and Stephen Amell had offered to show up on the cancelled series if it had been given a second season (either on NBC or another network).  But now it appears the two characters will indeed meet and Constantine will be brought into the Arrow-verse which includes the Flash, the Atom, Ra’s al Gul, and many more DC characters.  According to Hollywood Reporter, Constantine is only planned for a one episode appearance on Arrow at this point, but showrunner Marc Guggenheim had previously indicated that they have “a million ideas” for the character.   Whether more appearances of Constantine will occur on Arrow (or whether he shows up on the team-up series Legends of Tomorrow) remains to be seen and may require further negotiations with NBC which still has stake in this because they originally aired and funded the Constantine series.  After the cancellation, there was much talk of the show moving to The CW because of the other DC shows airing there, but it was apparently too costly for the fifth place network.  Warner Bros. did try to shop the show around, but found no takers.  Now with the cross-over to Arrow, some new life has been breathed into the character and fans will at least get one more visit with the master of the mystic arts with possibly more on the horizon.

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