Countdown to Cancellation: We Will Likely Know the Fates of Forever, Resurrection, Constantine and More by the End of This Week

By | May 4, 2015

By The Network Executioner


My pet vulture Cuddles has his eye on ABC’s Forever and Resurrection

It’s the week before the upfronts–when the broadcast networks will announce their schedules for next season–which should bring plenty of cancellation and renewal announcements.  My pet vulture Cuddles and I will be keeping a sharp eye on events and I have cleared my calendar for the week, especially Friday when most of the activity usually occurs prior to the upfronts.  There’s a good chance that almost all of the major announcements will occur by Friday, though some networks may still be negotiating the fates of shows up to the night before their presentations (especially when it involves bubble entries like Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter).  The fate of almost all of the 2014-15 shows should be known by the end of the upfronts (see schedule below), though some of the late entries like The CW’s The Messengers and Syfy’s Olympus might get a short reprieve as their networks try and decide if it is worth hanging on to those ratings laggers.

Syfy’s Helix was sent to me last week as expected, though I thought the network would have delayed the announcement further.  Apparently they decided that not enough people were watching for it to matter.  And the fate of The CW’s The Messengers continues to look grim as it posted another measly 0.2 rating score on Friday.  And for those looking ahead to next season, here is a list of renewed or sure to be renewed shows from this season that will likely be on my radar going into next year.

Following is the list of shows that have yet to receive a renewal this season–along with their status from this site’s Sci Fi TV Power Rankings–and I have grouped them by those in danger and those likely safe from me.  For the ones still airing, I will be commenting on their progress at my Twitter site each week until we get final word on their status.

Already Sent to My Chopping Block:

Helix (Syfy) – Cancelled

Still in Danger of Facing the Executioner:

Resurrection (ABC) – Likely to be Cancelled
Galavant (ABC) – Likely to be Cancelled
Constantine (NBC) – Likely to be Cancelled
The Messengers (CW) – Likely to be Cancelled
Forever (ABC) – Likely to be Cancelled
Agents of SHIELD (ABC) – On the Bubble
Agent Carter (ABC) – On the Bubble
Olympus (Syfy) – On the Bubble
Dig (USA) – On the Bubble
The Returned (A&E) – On the Bubble

Safe from the Executioner (for the Moment):

Salem (WGN) – Renewal Possible
iZombie (CW) – Likely to be Renewed
Person of Interest (CBS) – Likely to be Renewed
Once Upon A Time (ABC) – Sure to be Renewed

Received an Escape the Network Executioner Free Card:

12 Monkeys (Syfy) – Renewed for a Second Season

As I said above, the fates of most of these shows (particularly the broadcast network entries) should be determined by next week when schedules are presented to the advertisers at the upfronts.  Following are the days that each of the nets will give their presentations and expect them to release their schedules (along with all the renewals and cancellations) shortly before:

Monday, May 11, 2015 NBC (Morning)
Monday, May 11, 2015 FOX (Afternoon)
Tuesday, May 12, 2015 ABC
Wednesday, May 13, 2015 CBS
Thursday, May 14, 2015 The CW

Note that Galavant and Agent Carter may not get official cancellation notices because of their “limited run series” status.  But at least the first of those two will ultimately get sent to me, if not both.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter over the next few weeks as I keep an eye on the season end numbers and what they mean to the fates of the shows above that have not yet received a reprieve from facing my ax.


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