Cancellation Watch Breaking News: Constantine Gets a Timeslot Change in January

By | December 23, 2014

constantine-nbc-cancelledNBC has announced that when struggling freshman series Constantine returns in January that it will be swapping timeslots with Grimm and moving to the 9 PM EST hour on Fridays.  That former series has been struggling in the ratings pretty much since it debuted and NBC recently halted production at thirteen episodes while also claiming that it was still a candidate for renewal for the 2015-16 season.  The production halt seemed to many like a de facto cancellation announcement, but the fact that the network is shifting it to the earlier hour on Fridays indicates that they may have not quite given up on it yet.  That said, this is not too much of a vote of confidence because the move doesn’t cost the network that much.  NBC likely won’t hold the lower numbers that Grimm will likely pull in t 10 PM EST hour against it, and Constantine‘s shift to an hour earlier may not do enough bring its ratings to respectable levels.  There are only five episodes left to be aired in the show’s first season and unless the move to one hour earlier results in drastic improvements (unlikely seeing as Grimm has been down this year) then I can’t see this making much difference.  But this does suggest that NBC has not completely given up on the series yet, and that’s at least something in its favor.  And if fans can make enough noise on the social networks and draw some new viewers to it when it returns, maybe that second season is still a possibility.  Constantine returns from its Winter break on January 16th.

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