Cancellation Watch Breaking News: Netflix Reportedly Interested in Picking Up Witches of East End

By | December 15, 2014

Lifetime cancelled the supernatural series Witches of East End after it completed its second season this past Summer despite the fact that it was still pulling decent ratings for the cable channel and had a very active online fanbase.  Those fans continued to make noise after the cancellation and that has apparently caught the attention of the streaming service Netflix according to series co-star Madchen Amick.  She has started up what she calls “Operation Netflix Extreme” and is calling for fans to phone and email the network and also send out tweets with specific hashtags.  The specifics can be found at this link (and below), and the initial thrust began last week to continue into this.  I have said before that I believe Witches of East End would be a good pickup for Netflix as it has a loyal following and is likely well within their budget range.  I will continue to follow the campaign closely over the coming weeks, but in the meantime fans of the show should definitely be active in the campaign’s efforts to convince Netflix to pick it up for a third season and beyond.

UPDATE:  Apparently the first round of communications went well and Round 2 is now in progress.  There is no end date for this and below is what the fans should do to demonstrate their support of the show to Netflix.



8 thoughts on “Cancellation Watch Breaking News: Netflix Reportedly Interested in Picking Up Witches of East End

  1. Susan attianese

    You must bring back this amazing show. As of right now myself and 5 of my friends do not have netflix but if this is picked up I can tell you that 1000s who don’t will get it. I know I would and so would everyone I know. BRING BACK WITCHES OF EAST END

  2. mishanda woods

    Please put witches of East wood back on for the third season on Netflix please

  3. Annie

    Please please pick up witches of east end for third season. It is such a great show. It would make my christmas.

  4. Latoya Jackson

    Please renew this show for a 3rd season. I have been a Netflix customer for years and I would really love to see this show on your network. It really is a good show. Once I started watching it I could not stop. I watched both seasons in about 3 days. The show is just that good. It is as good if not better then Charmed was.

  5. Susan Gonzalez

    Please renew this show for a 3rd season. Our family has been a member of Netflix for years now. We really would love to see Netflix pick up this series. Its a real good show. Once my husband and I started watching it we couldn’t stop watching. We watched both seasons in one day, that’s how good it was.

  6. Ryan

    Please bring back the amazing show witches of East end its such an amazing show and I need it season3 and above NETFLIX POCK UP THIS SHOW NOWWWW


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