Cancellation Watch Breaking News: Continuum Renewed for a Six Episode Fourth and Final Season

By | December 9, 2014

continuum-S2-dvdFans of Canadian sci fi series Continuum (which airs on Syfy in the States and Showcase up north) have been waiting a while for word on whether the show would come back for another season.  I had heard that Showcase was trying to work out the financing for a fourth year, and apparently they were able to figure something out because they have announced another round of episodes for the show.  But the upcoming fourth season will be its last and will run for six episodes.  This has actually become a fairly common recent trend to do that “final” season and it essentially amounts to a preemptive cancellation.  But if a show is going to go out, this is definitely the better way to do it as it gives the writers the chance to resolve the storylines and it gives the fans some sense of closure.  And the fact is that Canadian shows don’t necessarily target the same extended runs that the U.S. entries do (other recent shows that are wrapping up are The Listener after five seasons and Lost Girl also after five seasons), which could be looked at as a good thing because they do not stretch an idea out too thin.  Whether Continuum‘s fans will be happy with that final season announcement remains to be seen, but at least it is much better than to leave them hanging with no resolution for the story.  The fourth season will air on Showcase and on Syfy in 2015, and we will pass along further information when debut dates are announced.

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