Cancellation Watch: The 100 Improves Slightly, but is It Too Little Too Late or Can the Fans Bring Enough Attention to the Show?

By | November 21, 2014

Unless otherwise noted, the ratings numbers below are based on the final overnights and may vary slightly from the preliminaries reported on the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site.

Ratings results for the sci fi / fantasy airing Tuesday Nov 18th thru Thursday Nov 20th (analysis and metric definitions below):

The Flash CW Tue 11/18 8 PM
Rating: 1.4 | Tot Viewers (MM): 3.7 | StD Rating: 1.6 | Target: 0.9 | Cancellation Alert: Low

Still racing along well ahead of the other CW shows and on its way to a second season renewal.

Agents of SHIELD ABC Tue 11/18 9 PM
Rating: 1.6 | Tot Viewers (MM): 4.6 | StD Rating: 1.7 | Target: 2.2 | Cancellation Alert: Moderate

This show improved by one tick from last week and it continues to see decent gains from delayed viewing. But is that enough to offset its high production costs?

Supernatural CW Tue 11/18 9 PM
Rating: 1.0 | Tot Viewers (MM): 2.5 | StD Rating: 1.0 | Target: 0.9 | Cancellation Alert: Low

This show is still a solid performer for The CW and looks like it is on target for a record-setting eleventh season.

Forever ABC Tue 11/18 10 PM
Rating: 1.0 | Tot Viewers (MM): 4.4 | StD Rating: 1.2 | Target: 2.0 | Cancellation Alert: Moderate

The numbers remain low for this show. I believe it will have to improve if it wants to last beyond its full season order.

Person of Interest CBS Tue 11/18 10 PM
Rating: 1.6 | Tot Viewers (MM): 9.9 | StD Rating: 1.6 | Target: 1.8 | Cancellation Alert: Low

This show rebounded nicely from last week’s low point and should find itself back in the Top 25 based on total viewers (it dropped out last week) when this week’s numbers are tallied.

Arrow CW Wed 11/19 8 PM
Rating: 0.9 | Tot Viewers (MM): 2.6 | StD Rating: 0.9 | Target: 0.9 | Cancellation Alert: Low

This show remains a consistent performer for The CW and still looks like a lock for a fourth season renewal.

The 100 CW Wed 11/19 9 PM
Rating: 0.6 | Tot Viewers (MM): 1.6 | StD Rating: 0.5 | Target: 0.9 | Cancellation Alert: Medium

The good news: for once this show’s numbers were not adjusted down when the finals came out. The bad news: that 0.6 ratings score is nothing to crow about. More on this one below.

American Horror Story FX Wed 11/19 10 PM
Rating: 2.0 | Tot Viewers (MM): 3.9 | StD Rating: 2.3 | Target: 1.0 | Cancellation Alert: Renewed

This show improved from last week’s slippage and is still a solid performer among the basic cable channels.

Vampire Diaries CW Thu 11/20 8 PM
Rating: 0.7 | Tot Viewers (MM): 1.5 | StD Rating: 0.8 | Target: 0.9 | Cancellation Alert: Low

(Numbers based on the preliminaries)  This one improved one tick from last week.  It keeps hanging in there but can’t really count a strong performer for The CW anymore.

the-100-cancelledOn the Hot Seat: The CW’s The 100 pulled a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 1.6 million total viewers on Wednesday which was the best score that show has had in its second season. It has had a 0.6 score reported in the preliminaries several times, but that keeps getting adjusted down when the finals come out (more on how that works at this link). This week it stayed firm, but I’m not sure that’s necessarily good news. Sure, a 0.6 score is better than a 0.5, but not by much and The 100 is still The CW’s second lowest rated scripted show. I’m not seeing a lot of delayed viewing gains for this one either, so I have to think that the network execs have it on their short list for cancellations at the moment. They have several shows waiting in the wings at the moment (that’s standard practice for all the broadcast networks), and I have to think they are strongly considering putting one of those in the Wednesday 9 PM EST hour instead of allowing The 100 to keep losing close to 50% of Arrow’s audience in the demo. But the slight bit of good news for this show is that it airs on the fifth place network which does not always quickly kick their struggling shows to the curb (I know that Star-Crossed fans may take issue with that comment, though).  And The 100‘s fanbase is active as demonstrated by our Sci Fi TV Pulse polls.  If they can mobilize their troops and get The CW’s attention, maybe that will still give the show a chance.  But I that window is closing pretty quickly as the Fall months wind down and we head into the Winter hiatus.  All hope is not lost yet, but it will require quick action from the fans to get things turned around.

Be sure keep an eye on the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for the latest numbers and any breaking news throughout the week.  And for more information on where I get these numbers and how I make my Cancellation Alert assessments, check out the Cancelled Sci Fi FAQ.

Metric Definitions:

Rating: Overnight rating in the 18-49 demographic for same day viewing based on the final numbers unless otherwise noted

Tot Viewers: Estimated total viewers to tune in to the episode for same day viewing

StD Rating: Season to date average for the rating metric tracked above.

Target: The estimated average rating that the show needs to sustain to get renewed.

Cancellation Alert: My prediction of the likelihood that a show will get cancelled. From least to most likely the statuses are Low, Moderate, Medium, Elevated, and High.

Ratings Source: TV by the Numbers and ShowBuzzDaily

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2014 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

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