Sci Fi TV Pulse: The 100 May Be Struggling in the Ratings, But It Continues to Lead in the Polls

By | November 9, 2014

the-100-cancelledThis weekly poll is a way to gauge engagement among sci fi fans relating to the genre TV shows currently airing for the Fall season.  The poll only includes shows from the Fall 2014 season that have had their debuts or that will be premiering during the current week (and the BBC America entries that debuted late August are included as well).  Please vote each week on which shows you are watching and also feel free to add comments about these shows below.  We will be compiling this information throughout the season and sending the statistics to the television network so that they can see which shows have generated the most engagement from the sci fi audience.

Comments: The 100 now appears to have a lock on the first place in the polls both week to date and season to date.  Maybe Haven or another show will make a run this week, but fans of The 100 seem pretty dedicated and it will be hard to supplant their show.

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2 thoughts on “Sci Fi TV Pulse: The 100 May Be Struggling in the Ratings, But It Continues to Lead in the Polls

  1. jal

    Seeing that SyFy renewed average-to-poor shows as Dominion and Defiance I wonder how possible would be for Rothemberg to take The 100 there in the case of CW not wanting to renew it. It would be a pity to loose the only-other-than-Dr.Who real scifi show on air (because all those other shows aren’t really scifi).

  2. Joan

    Haven is the best show out there. The 100 is aimed at young adults while haven has something for everyone! Love it! There are over 2000 members in my haven group on fb but apparently they are not voting. Don’t know why. We are all rabid haven fans and the link is posted. Just too many other responsibilities I guess! But we are out there syfy! Just a little quieter than the 18 to 30 crowd! Lol


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