Prime Time Sci Fi TV: Arrow, The Flash, The Originals, Supernatural, and American Horror Story Premiere This Week

By | October 4, 2014

New or notable science fiction and fantasy entries on the Prime Time TV schedule, also including programs that may be of interest to genre fans. Air dates and times subject to change without notice.

arrow-s3Week 3 of the official Fall season brings five more premieres of sci fi / fantasy shows.  Four from The CW with Arrow, The Flash, The Originals, and Supernatural, and FX’s American Horror Story (subtitled Freak Show) gets going as well.  On the Monday night before Supernatural‘s Season 10 debut, their is a recap episode that gets you caught up on what happened the past nine seasons.  In addition, the last of the Summer shows wrap up as both Witches of East End and Legends have a two hour finales, and the finale Season 1 episode of The Strain airs as well.  If that wasn’t enough, there are a couple of movies of interest for the week as well.  On Monday, Syfy will premiere the horror movie Dead Still which stars Ben Browder of Farscape and Stargate: SG-1 fame.  This doesn’t look like one of that channels typical critters-run-amok film and may be worth a look at least for Browder’s presence (though it does appear to be airing on Syfy because it couldn’t garner a studio release).  Also on Monday, TCM will premiere the Cartoons of Windsor McCay which will include early 20th century animated films by that renowned artist and creator of the character Little Nemo.  This one should definitely be worth a look for animation fans.  Also of note, starting this week Syfy’s Haven gets shifted to Fridays at 7 PM EST.  That has the show technically outside of Prime Time and you have to wonder if it amounts to a burn-off run because its ratings have been so low in its fifth season.  Finally, AMC will be running a Walking Dead marathon during the week to prep for that show’s Season 5 premiere on Sunday, October 12th.  It starts on Monday and it looks like most nights it will run from 7 PM EST to after midnight, then on Saturday and Sunday they will be airing episodes most of the day right up to the fifth season premiere episode.

Prime Time Sci Fi TV for the Week of Oct 5 – Oct 11:

Sunday Oct 5
Once Upon A Time (ABC) 8:00-9:00
Resurrection (ABC) 9:00-10:00
Witches of East End (LIFE) 9:00-11:00 2 Hour Season Finale
The Strain (FX) 10:00-11:00 Season Finale

Monday Oct 6
The Originals (CW) 8:00-9:00 Season Premiere
Gotham (FOX) 8:00-9:00
The Cartoon of Windsor McCay (TCM) 8:00-9:45 Premiere Movie
A Very Special Supernatural Special (CW) 9:00-10:00 Special
Sleepy Hollow (FOX) 9:00-10:00
Dead Still (Syfy) 9:00-11:00 Premiere Movie

Tuesday Oct 7
The Flash (CW) 8:00-9:00 Series Premiere
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (ABC) 9:00-10:00
Supernatural (CW) 9:00-10:00 Season Premiere
Forever (ABC) 10:00-11:00
Person of Interest (CBS) 10:00-11:00
Town of the Living Dead (Syfy) 10:00-11:00 Series Premiere
The Listener (ION) 11:00-12:00

Wednesday Oct 8
Arrow (CW) 8:00-9:00 Season Premiere
The Flash (CW) 9:00-10:00 Repeat
Legends (TNT) 9:00-11:00 2 Hour Season Finale
American Horror Story: Freak Show (FX) 10:00-11:00 Season Premiere

Thursday Oct 9
Vampire Diaries (CW) 8:00-9:00

Friday Oct 10
Haven (Syfy) 7:00-8:00 Timeslot Change
Gotham (FOX) 9:00-10:00 Repeat
Z Nation (Syfy) 10:00-11:00

Saturday Oct 11
Doctor Who (BBCA) 9:00-10:00
Intruders (BBCA) 10:00-11:00

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