The Charts: ABC Places Three Genre Shows in the Top 25 Again

By | May 1, 2014

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Chart activity for sci fi / fantasy TV shows for the week of April 21st through 27th:

resurrection-abc-cancelledFor the second time since ABC’s Resurrection debuted back in March, that network has placed three sci fi / fantasy shows in the broadcast network Top 25 based on the ratings in the 18-49 demographic.  Once Upon A Time shot up to the Number 11 slot after slipping all the way back to Number 24 last week.  Resurrection reentered at Number 17 after getting preempted the previous week.  And Agents of SHIELD slipped back to the Number 22 slot.  Resurrection also made it into the Top 25 based on total viewers as it placed at the Number 22 spot on that list.  Person of Interest fell out for the week because it was in reruns.  Over on the cable channels, Game of Thrones continues its dominance of the charts as it headlined the cable Top 25 and also improved to the Number 2 spot on the Nielsen Twitter Rankings.

Here is the full look at chart activity for genre shows for the week:

Nielsen Twitter Rankings
Series Network Rank Prior Week Move -ment
Game of Thrones HBO 2 4 Up
Broadcast Networks Top 25 – Ratings 18-49
Series Network Rank Prior Week Move -ment Viewers (MM) Prior Week
Once Upon A Time ABC 11 24 Up 2.2 1.7
Resurrection ABC 17 n/a Up 1.9 n/a
Agents of SHIELD ABC 22 13 Down 1.9 2.1
Broadcast Networks Top 25 – Total Viewers
Series Network Rank Prior Week Move -ment Viewers (MM) Prior Week
Resurrection ABC 22 n/a Up 7.9 n/a
Cable Networks Top 25 – Total Viewers
Series Network Rank Prior Week Move -ment Viewers (MM) Prior Week
Game of Thrones HBO 1 1 Same 7.0 6.6

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