Cancellation Watch Breaking News: FOX Cancels Almost Human, It’s Fourth Highest Rated Scripted Series

By | April 30, 2014

almost-human-fox-cancelledAccording to Deadline Hollywood, FOX’s futuristic robot cop drama Almost Human will not be returning for a second season.  That news does not come as a complete surprise even though I made the call that it would get renewed in the latest Power Rankings.  But the fact is that the network seems to have worked against the show since before it hit the air.  They pushed its debut to a late Fall start just before the holiday season began, a time when viewership typically drops off.  The show still had a decent bow, bolstered by a lead-in from NFL football, but its numbers dropped in the weeks that followed.  When it returned in January, though, Almost Human managed decent numbers and actually started to grow its audience before FOX began to preempt it on a regular basis.  That along with the fact that they aired the episodes out of order (sounds like deja vu, Firefly fans) caused the numbers to drop as the series closed out its 13 episode run.  Still, despite all that, it currently stands as FOX’s fourth highest rated scripted series based on season to date averages and it ranks higher than The Following which took over its timeslot and has already been renewed.  The deal that FOX has with the AH‘s studio could have been the final deciding factor on whether they would bring it back, or as Deadline Hollywood suggested they may have had more confidence in some of the pilots they currently have in the pipeline.  But FOX’s ratings have been notably down this season and it seems like an odd move to cancel a series that looks like it could have drawn a decent audience if given the proper support by its network.  I believed that they should have given it another chance, but there are plenty of other factors (along with bad decisions) behind the scenes that come into play when choosing whether to renew or cancel a series.

There is a chance that this series could continue on another network or a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon.  Its ratings were not bad compared to the overall averages across the broadcast networks this season and they could have been better if the show had not faced the scheduling hurdles that FOX threw at it.  The series also developed a notable fan base and I expect them to make some noise in the coming weeks to try and keep it going.  Keep your eyes on this site and the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for any news on movement to keep the show afloat and also watch for news of other cancellations because there will be plenty more in the next few weeks as the season wraps up.

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