Cancellation Watch: Are All Hopes for a Siberia Renewal Gone Now?

By | April 3, 2014

UPDATE: There is Still a Chance for a Second Season of Siberia!!!

SiberiaLast Summer’s supernatural mock-reality/horror series Siberia may not have drawn a lot of viewers during its first season run, but the show did develop a small group of dedicated fans.  And they have been hoping that no news is good news for the show as they have waited for an announcement that a second season is on the way.  However, NBC recently unveiled its Summer schedule, and Siberia was not included in the lineup.  That confirms at least that this network will not air a second season of the series, but is there a chance it will still continue?

The fact is that there was never an official cancellation announcement and the show is owned by its production company, not NBC.  It was also produced relatively inexpensively, so a second season could still happen if another network or a streaming service like Amazon or Netflix decided to pick it up.  Unfortunately, it never built up much of a following, so I don’t know that any of the networks have an interest in picking it up.  A few months back I heard that things were still being worked out for a possible second season, but nothing substantial has surfaced.  I have to think that with no news by this point there’s little chance of another season making it to the airwaves.  But then this show was produced on a different model than the typical television series, so it’s not out of the question.  The only thing settled at this point is that NBC will not bring the series back.  It could still live on in another venue, but that seems to be getting increasingly less likely.  UPDATE: There is Still a Chance for a Second Season of Siberia!!!

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40 thoughts on “Cancellation Watch: Are All Hopes for a Siberia Renewal Gone Now?

    1. Mary wood

      If the network idiots hadn’t put it opposite under the dome it would have had a huge following but people were already following dome. It was a great show sure hope someone picks it up as it will be very successful if some idiots don’t put it up against another summer series that already had a following

  1. Megan

    You cant leave that small group of dedicated fans hanging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DOES IT END????? PLEASE SOMEBODY IMPORTANT READ THIS!

    1. Jenifer

      I agree with everyone who at least want some sort of ending. I loved the show. It’s not fair to leave us hanging like that. At least make a long2hour finale special. I still think about the show at least weekly, wondering what happened to those people.

  2. Umair

    Youn cant leave the show hanging, there must be an end, if you can’t produce full show then produce a miniseries please

  3. Fitzdog

    It bothers me when you watch a show like Siberia and they leave you hanging at the season finale and then cancel it. That’s why people are hesitant to watch new shows. I liked this show and want to know what happens. At least have a 2 hour finale so there is closure on the show.

  4. LeeAnn Foster

    Why would they end that season!!!! It was a good ending now u don’t get to see what happens!!!

  5. renee

    Ugh! Watched it to the last show thinking they would reveal the reasons for the weird things that happened. The last show was a cliff hanger! Booooo!:(

  6. Angela

    NOOOOOO please bring it back in the fall since it won’t be done this summer!!!!!! My son and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this show!!!!!!

  7. nate schmied

    NOOOOO PLEASE JUST one more season! You can’t leave us hanging! Please!!!!!

  8. Heidi Beane

    It frustrates me that the show isn’t coming back. I fallowed it the whole season. I even got my mother assn sister, whom are in different homes than me, to watch it. They are discouraged also. Give us assn ending atleast. If you can’t even do that then the show is the biggest Shit show ever.

  9. Luc

    No need to get the full season 2, but just one more episode for a ending like they have made for the serie Jericho.

    1. Doug

      Luc, do you know of an episode ending for Jericho that wasn’t aired with the series? If yes, WHERE CAN I
      FIND IT?! Jericho was one of my all-time favorite shows, and it drove me nuts when they just let drop. I
      suspect there may have been a political motive for that on the part of the network execs, since it dealt with a topic that is definitely not politically correct (nuclear war survival).
      I love survival-related shows and movies, (all the better if there’s a sci-fi element in it) which is why I really love Siberia. I sure hope we’ll get another season, or at the very least a 2-hr. made for tv movie to give us
      all closure.

      1. admin Post author

        The season two DVD has the alternate ending:

        They filmed two endings, one which would lead into the third season if the show was renewed, and the other that gave the show more of a resolution, the latter being what was aired on TV. The story has been continued in comics with two mini-series so far ( and more promised, and there continue to be rumors that Netflix could pick up the show.

  10. Carrie

    I can’t believe that my husband and I watched it every week never missed it. I even had the girls at work talking about it every week we would have a big pow wow on what happened and what we thought would happen. Now nothing and it makes me sad/mad. For the people that did watch even an handful if need be I think we deserve to know what happens there was such a cliff hanger at the end of season 1 that we just need to know. Even if they just made 1-2 episodes just to finish it for us or write books or something my husband and I need closure!!!


  11. Crowe75

    This show was awesome! I need it to come back on! I need closure! This show is the greatest show on tv!!!

  12. michelle

    The show really wasn’t that good but it was so addictive. I can’t not know what happens. Someone please pick it up!!!!

  13. Brian

    First revolution now this show. Get your shit together NBC. I swear if you guys cancel last comic standing I’m done with your shitty network. You cancel all the good shows and leave the bad ones. Siberia was supposed to help me get over the loss of revolution now what will get me over it and this loss? I am not a happy viewer.

  14. jill

    I also loved this show. It was strange, exciting, and addicting. PLEASE!!!!!!!! Bring it back.

  15. Rebecca

    Give SIBERIA a chance….. it’s a different type of reality show……and I watched faithfully. I Don’t care if it was fake….. all the faithful viewers are entitled to a closure, if you’re going to cancel….do right by the viewers….. for you guys it’s all about ratings and commercial value….

    I want to know why the “Host” said that the contestants weren’t supposed to be in that apartment….. wrap up the storyline for us!!

  16. Chowder

    True the show cannot be stopped at the “….What are you guys doing here?” part. There’s a need for season two and if it cannot be on NBC it has to be on either/or ABC and FOX. i don’t have cable or any of that stuff and i would really hate it to be aired on Netflix or Amazon.

  17. StacieDee

    Anyone know if there are any added clips or episodes on the DVD? I remember that HRH George was born and NBC pulled a whole night of programming, including an episode of Siberia. IIRC, the producers had to edit the last 2 episodes into one. So there must be material they could add to the DVD.

    ::sigh:: Yet another dangling plot thread in life…

  18. Nash Grier

    You may all know me I am Nash I loved Siberia and it might never come back but we all know that it should!

  19. jillian

    Noooooooo you just gonna leave us hanging i cant stress enough! “you guys shouldnt be here” was a bad ending!

  20. CharChar

    I too LOVED this show. NBC is on my nerves recently when I saw a series they bought from England (The I.T. Crowd) then shelved it because they focused on Big Bang. NBC has the rights and took a great and hilarious product and shelved it. Booooo. Bring back SIBERIA and I.T. Crowd …that’s IF the writers will do it!

  21. lawdogglock45

    what a sad ending to what could have been a great series!!!!! NBC YOU SUCK!!!!!! the very least you could have done was a “last episode” show with a decent ending!!!

  22. Zach

    Please don’t cancel this show because this show is entertaining for me and my whole family

  23. Stacy Haynes

    I really want them to bring Siberia back!!! My mom and I love this show!!! PLEASE don’t leave us hanging!!! If NBC wants to keep putting crappy shows on, then let another network pick it up!!! This isn’t the first time NBC hasn’t renewed a great show!!! I rarely watch NBC ANY MORE just for this reason!!!

  24. Ashleigh

    I have waited a year for this show to of back on from the final, it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way so their better be a second season I will not live with the ending, ( they are in an apartment the director guy comes in and says terry are not supposed to be here) I will wait another year but after that the show must go on or else I will be disappointed and angry

  25. Grace

    This was my all time FAVORITE show! And at the end of season 1 I was like hell ya! I can’t wait for next year when season 2 comes on! But as summer started to end (which was when the first season aired) I was looking up on YouTube to see if it just by chance didn’t record, but nooo there was nothing there! So I was looking up on EVERY website to see if they had an answer but all I’ve read was it’s not cancelled but it’s not airing. If no more networks are going to air it at least write a book! I can’t live like this anymore! I need to know what happens!

  26. E. Ryder

    Probably the best, most creative show I’ve seen. I find most of TV mediocre and don’t watch many series. I only watch the British channel these days and MPT. American TV is shallow and and boring, using only meaningless sex and gross violence.

  27. val

    They did the same thing when the tv show invasion was on( aired sept 21 2005). Last episode was Larkin getting shot she was dying and she was pregnant and the sheriff tom underlay was getting ready to throw
    her in the water where the alien creatures were to clone her and the baby and they never brought it back. There were a lot of followers of that show. Another show also aired called Surface that never came back either. I usually don’t watch reality shows but Siberia is interesting and suspenseful.

  28. jacdog

    Thus was the coolest show for those of u who haven’t seen it OMG it is amazing with all of the action suspense drama mystery it is the mist well …….well mabey not best well thought out but the way the producers put in all the details left me on the edge of my seat I got so anxous the nights it was on weekly pls bring it lt baxk or atleat make a website called siberia and post the videos there

  29. Lynn

    Still hoping and praying to see this great and original show come back…..come on, network or Netflix needs to pick this up!!!

  30. sam demary

    Please bring it back. There is obviously a “want” to know what happens, you left us hanging with a good season finale. Are you paying attention Netfllix????

  31. alex

    Make a ending for this serie now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if not , i hope some alien eats the producers .


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