Cancellation Watch Breaking News: HBO Cancels Game of Thrones Before S4 Begins, Claims Costs Have Gotten Out of Hand . . . APRIL FOOLS!!!

By | April 1, 2014

GAME-OF-THRONES-TyrionThis breaking news item just in: HBO cancels Game of Thrones before season 4 begins claiming the cost to produce the series has gotten too expensive for the network . . .

You didn’t really believe that did you?  On today of all days?  If so:


In truth, Game of Thrones is likely a very expensive series to produce, but HBO could care less because it is one of their all-time best rated shows and it carries a lot of prestige as well.  They previously said that the show would go as long a George R.R. Martin keeps writing it.  And that means it could go to an epic numbers of seasons seeing as they are now splitting books across multiple years.  But no matter what, this one is not going off the air any time soon.

There are plenty of other cancellations on the way this season, though.  To see where your favorite science fiction and fantasy show currently stands, check the latest edition of the Power Rankings.  And keep an eye on this site as well as the Cancelled Sci Fi Twitter Site for the latest ratings updates and breaking news.

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