An Open Letter to NBC Urging the Network to Work Together with the Fans of Revolution (and also Dracula, Siberia, and Believe)

By | March 21, 2014

To Whom It May Concern at the NBC Network,

As I am sure you are aware, second year series Revolution is currently struggling in the ratings and by my estimation–based solely on its Nielsen ratings–it will certainly be cancelled by the end of the season. However, this series appears to have developed a very strong fanbase that is active on the social networks and ready to do what it takes to support the show. I urge you to reach out to these fans and let them know how they can help keep the series that they love running for a third season and more.

In the current era of dwindling broadcast network ratings, I believe that it would be a mistake to ignore such a dedicated and engaged fanbase when the chance presents itself to work with them and keep a series on the air that appears to have touched so many viewers. You will of course remember the affect that Star Trek had on a select group of the television audience back in the late 60’s, and their efforts to keep that show alive through a write-in campaign became legendary and helped build a franchise that is still a major force today. In 2002, Firefly was cut short by another network and yet continued to live on in the hearts of many fans and could have grown into a franchise to rival Star Trek had the cold, hard Nielsen ratings alone not been allowed to dictate its fate.

With Revolution, once again a large fanbase is energized to support their show and I believe that the network should embrace the opportunity to reach out and work with them.  While the show’s ratings shortfalls may make it difficult to recoup its production costs based on the current model, other options may be available to cover the gap.  Perhaps an upcoming season could be pre-funded through subscription orders of episode downloads.  While the revenue from those pre-orders may not be enough to cover the full production costs, they may cover a good chunk of the revenue shortfall from discounted sales of advertising due to the lower ratings.   I have not seen a similar strategy pursued by another network to keep a series running, but the recent pre-funding of the Veronica Mars movie gives a clear indication that a devoted fanbase can be energized to contribute to the financial burden of productions costs.  This would be a unique move by NBC that could the change current model for how some–if not all–television series are produced and make them less dependent on the (often derided) Nielsen ratings (which failed to predict the franchise potential of properties such as Star Trek and Firefly).

Of course there are other options as well for keeping this series going despite its low ratings.  Perhaps a partnership similar to the one you previously did with DirecTV to keep Friday Night Lights on the air could earn Revolution another season. A similar deal could be worked out with that company or streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. Perhaps Revolution could come back with shortened seasons–to keep production costs down–and air during the times that other shows typically run in repeats, thus optimizing your network’s schedule.  Perhaps Revolution could live on in the Friday night timeslot paired with up with your successful supernatural series Grimm which will be heading into its fourth season.  Revolution‘s devoted fanbase would certainly follow the show to that time which is typically a low viewership night for Prime Time.

These and more options present themselves as possibilities and I believe that the Revolution fans would be happy to work together with NBC to assure that their beloved series will continue for further seasons. Networks have so often made their decisions apart from those fans that follow the shows they air, but this presents itself as an opportunity to work in collaboration with that audience, especially the option to pre-fund upcoming seasons. The tide is currently changing as the ever-fracturing audience disperses across the many viewing opportunities offered by the broadcast and cable channels as well as the many internet and streaming options. This could be an chance for NBC to take the reins and guide the changes that are to come.

Last Fall’s Dracula and Summer’s Siberia are two additional shows that have developed notable fanbases that the network could reach out to in a similar way. And new entry Believe (which dropped notably in the ratings with its second episode) is another show that likely deserves an attempt by the network to reach out to the fanbase to keep it on the air.  Fans of past shows like Jericho, Legend of the Seeker, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles have shown a willingness to spend large amounts of money for campaigns that could save their shows. Why not direct those dollars into pre-funding future seasons which would make continuation of these shows more economically feasible? The fans would almost certainly be amenable to this course of action especially if networks such as yourself would reach out and try to work together with them.

It can’t hurt to test the waters. And if a deal can be reached especially for multiple shows, it could help build a loyalty to the NBC brand that would be a true asset in today’s increasingly splintered television viewing market.

At this point, NBC can simply cancel Revolution and Dracula and Siberia and other shows based on Nielsen ratings as we have seen so many times in the past.  Or you can take the opportunity to work in partnership with the fans to help build a new model as well as the allegiances that would follow and help sustain NBC in the current tumultuous television landscape.  The decision ultimately is yours, but the legions of fans are standing at the ready if you choose to call them into action.

I thank you for your time and consideration and will look forward to seeing a strong partnership develop between NBC and its fans.


John J. Joex



17 thoughts on “An Open Letter to NBC Urging the Network to Work Together with the Fans of Revolution (and also Dracula, Siberia, and Believe)

  1. Anne Aimar

    This is the only show I look forward to watching every week. Please do not cancel it.

  2. Allison

    I might add, there’s another Kripke show with a small viewer base and passionate fan base that’s made it nine seasons (and counting) and a series of sold out cons throughout the year for the last few years. Clearly dedication to the show cannot be discounted, and Revolution has dedication in spades. Not to mention the kind of plot line and character relationships that have already proven to be wildly appealing and capable of bringing out hordes of passionate fans (Supernatural, anyone?). Don’t like the ratings? How about the anecdotal evidence that it’s worth it to keep going for the fans?

  3. Olja

    Those are really good ideas and propositions. NBC should think about it (and every other channel for that matter)

  4. Shiro

    I for one was never a NBC viewer The Voice and Revolution got me tuning into NBC. Maybe you can change the time slot to a later time like you had it in season 1 .There are millions of fans all over the world who loves this show and I urge and plead with you to give this show a chance.
    Please take this opportunity to work with us ( Viewers) Give your viewers a season 3 of REVOLUTION.!

  5. Roxanne Oligny


    Is this where I leave my comment about not cancelling “Revolution”? I absolutely love “Revolution”. I think it is the cleverest tv series ever since “Star Trek”. I mean there have been some revolutionary (no pun intended) shows to come down the pike, but I really think “Revolution” is the first post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, action/adventure, soap show ever, and the first to come up with a title that says something rather than hints at what the show is about. I have watched this show since the first episode, even ducking out on my “Passover” dinner at my local synagogue, and racing home just to see the season one, part two premiere. If you cancel this show you will cancel one of the cleverest, ground-breaking show in history. Haven’t you noticed that everyone is trying to come up with one word titles that describe the show all of a sudden? That is because of “Revolution”. the premise, the impact, the very view of a brutal society that would or maybe be our future is too good for you to let go, and the very use of “Nano-technology” is groundbreaking. Quite incredible. Please give “revolution” a third season to try to up it’s game, and perhaps give it a time slot that befits the premise.
    Roxanne Oligny
    Loyal “Revolution” fan since day 1.

  6. Jim Shea

    the fact the Revolution is holding it’s own in a time slot owned by American Idol and Survivor should prove it has a following…I always wondered why it was set up like that..there are plenty of other time slots. where Revolution will thrive if given a chance… for us fans, we will watch it no matter where you put it. give it a chance

    Time Net Show 18-49 rating/Sh Viewers (millions)
    8:00 CBS Survivor 2.5/8 9.46
    FOX American Idol (8-10PM) 2.2/7 9.83
    ABC The Middle – R 1.4/5 5.36
    NBC Revolution 1.2/4 4.26
    CW Arrow 0.8/3 2.42

  7. Eddie Estes

    Please give us a season 3 and put it on at a consistent time. Stop changing the air dates. That hurts the show. This is a great show with great potential. Stand behind it!!!!!

  8. Tommy Slate

    Revolution is the only show I watch on Television. It is the only show of its kind .I watched the First Season of Revolution on Netflix , after hearing about what a great show Revolution is. I was not expecting such a good TV show to be produced from Network Television, but NBC you have done it.The story lines and the sets are remarkable. This ensemble of actors have great chemistry. I could go into great detail here about the actors, but I won’t, as I would be writing all night Please allow another season of this great show. There are many stories left to be told. Please don’t do what NBC did in February 1969 when they cancelled the original Star Trek. Please do not cancel Revolution.

  9. Dot Mack

    Please, please, please, yes I have resorted to begging, do not cancel Revolution. NBC, this is a great, entertaining, well written show with quality actors and actresses! This is the ONLY show I look forward to watching each week! The show, it’s writers, cast, crew and dedicated viewers deserve a third season! I have never actively participated in trying to keep a show alive but this one is so worth it! Don’t let us down NBC! And yes I would love to watch it even on a Friday night! Give it a chance! Bring on season 3!

  10. Julie

    Revolution is a great show. The second season is miles ahead of the first, and I believe it has the potential to continue growing. A lot can be done with the world that’s been created. Please renew Revolution for a third season and advertise it more!

  11. Raúl

    Revolution is the only show currently on air that has caught the attention of my entire family of 5. We watch many shows but that’s the only one that really unites us in our home theater. Please don’t cancel it! On behalf of a family of rabid revolution fans from the Central American country of Panama, I can assure you the show is popular overseas! If our ratings don’t count so much for NBC, the I am all for the season pre-funding campaign. I am sure I won’t be the only overseas fan willing to pay through Kickstarters or another method if it means watching more of this amazing series!

  12. may

    Please don’t cancel Revolution… I love this show-it’s amazing… The actors are fabulous the storyline is Brilliant I love it… I have not missed any episodes…What can we do to keep it going….I agree with Julie above Advertise it more….. & NOT SUCH LONG BREAKS IN BETWEEN…I am sure this would help…

  13. Angelique

    Sow many fans around the world love this show Revolution.
    Not only in the USA.
    But these fans have no influence on the ratings by watching it in other country’s than the USA.

    We love Revolution and want to see a 3rd season !!

    So please give the fans of Revolution a new 3rd season.

    It’s a great show and it deserves to be continued !!! So please do !!!


  14. Shahana

    I am a creature of habit, and seldom do I find a new show that I love. REVOLUTION is that show. I did not discover it until the second season, but it is the amazing writing and acting, and the dynamic relationships between the characters, that drew me in. I think those relationships need to be marketed more than the “sci-fi” aspect because much like the X-Files, THAT is the heart of this show. After getting drawn in this season, I’ve been watching Season 1 on Netflix. Looking forward to Season 3 and I really hope you will give this fledgling show a chance. It’s the reason I started watching NBC again!!!!!

  15. kristina thursby

    I just found this show and love it. Watched older episodes on netflix. I will definitely be continuing to watch. Would love to see a 3rd season, even if I had to pay for it.


  16. Jamie

    I love Believe! If someone else would pick it up , that would be amazing!


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