The Charts: Teen Wolf Makes it Into Nielsen Twitter Top 10, Intelligence Debuts in Top 10 (but Will be Dropping Out Quickly)

By | January 16, 2014

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For the week of January 6th through 12th, the Nielsen Twitter Rankings had a new genre entry show up in the Top 10 as MTV’s Teen Wolf kicked off a flurry of social chatter with its Season 3.5 debut last week and landed in the Number 5 slot. That is the first genre series other than American Horror Story or The Walking Dead to make it to this chart since Vampire Diaries snuck in at the beginning of the Fall only to quickly disappear after that. AHS also made it to last week’s Nielsenteen-wolf-cancelled Twitter Rankings with its return from hiatus, landing in the Number 6 spot. Get Glue has not been publishing their Top 10 charts the last month or so, which is a shame because there was a lot of activity for genre shows there. I’ll keep an eye out to see if they start posting that data again at some point.

There was also some activity with sci fi / fantasy shows in the Top 25 charts based on ratings and viewers last week as shows began returning from their Winter breaks. New CBS series Intelligence landed at the Number 10 slot on the ratings chart and the Number 5 slot based on total viewers with its debut. But it won’t be returning to the charts based on this week’s performance as its second episode took a nose dive after moving to the Monday night slot. More on that in tomorrow’s Cancellation Watch post. Person of Interest’s first 2014 episode landed at Number 20 based on ratings and Number 9 based on total viewers while Agents of SHIELD’s mid-season return climbed to the Number 16 rung based on its ratings. For Cable shows, only American Horror Story made it into the Top 25 for the week with its first mid-season episode, coming in at the Number 17 slot. Once The Walking Dead returns next month, that show should be joining AHS in the Top 25.

Here is the full look at chart activity for genre shows for the week of January 6th through 12th:

Nielsen Twitter Rankings
Series Network Rank Prior Week Move -ment
Teen Wolf MTV 5 n/a Up
American Horror Story FX 6 n/a Up
Broadcast Networks Top 25 – Ratings 18-49
Series Network Rank Prior Week Move -ment Rating Prior Week
Intelligence CBS 10 n/a Up 2.4 n/a
Agents of SHIELD ABC 16 n/a Up 2.2 n/a
Person of Interest CBS 20 n/a Up 2 n/a
Broadcast Networks Top 25 – Total Viewers
Series Network Rank Prior Week Move -ment Viewers (MM) Prior Week
Intelligence CBS 5 n/a Up 16.5 n/a
Person of Interest CBS 9 n/a Up 12.1 n/a
Cable Networks Top 25 – Total Viewers
Series Network Rank Prior Week Move -ment Viewers (MM) Prior Week
American Horror Story FX 17 n/a Up 3.5 n/a

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