Cancellation Watch: Fall Finale and Mid-Season Return Dates (Updated) for the Current Crop of Sci Fi / Fantasy Shows

By | December 7, 2013
Not too much to report in the way of ratings numbers (but what there is I have below) so thought this would be a good time to run down the dates that the current sci fi / fantasy shows will be wrapping up their Fall runs and when they are expected to restart after the Winter hiatus.  Below is the list for the shows currently airing and I will be working up a full mid-season schedule of genre shows in the coming weeks.  A few notes on the shows below:  I haven’t heard that The Neighbors received a full season pickup, so December 13th could be the show’s swansong (if so, expect them to make fun of that very fact in the episode).  Once Upon A Time in Wonderland will be returning next year according to ABC to air out its remaining episodes (consider it de facto cancelled at this point), but not on Thursday nights.  It will likely get cast to Friday or Saturday for a burn-off run or they may kick it to Summer.  Of the TBDs for mid-season returns below, Agents of SHIELD, Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, and The Witches of East End are definitely coming back, I just haven’t seen definite return dates.  Almost Human and Once Upon A Time in Wonderland should come back, but there’s always a chance the networks could kick them to Summer.  None of the dates below are set in stone (except for those that have already had their Fall wrap ups) and the mid-season return dates are definitely subject to change.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 10th  /  Mid-Season Return: Jan 7th 

Almost Human:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 16th  /  Mid-Season Return: Jan 6th
American Horror Story: Coven:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 11th  /  Mid-Season Return: Jan 8th
Arrow:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 11th  /  Mid-Season Return: Jan 15th
Beauty and the Beast:     Fall Wrap Up: Nov 25th  /  Mid-Season Return: Jan 13th
Dracula:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 6th  /  Mid-Season Return: Jan 3rd
Grimm:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 13th  /  Mid-Season Return: Jan 3rd
Haven:     Season 4 Finale: Dec 13th
Nikita:     Series Finale: Dec 27th
Once Upon A Time:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 15th  /  Mid-Season Return: Mar 9th
Once Upon A Time in Wonderland:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 12th  /  Mid-Season Return: TBD
Person of Interest:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 17th  /  Mid-Season Return: Jan 7th
Revolution:     Fall Wrap Up: Nov 20th  /  Mid-Season Return: Jan 8th
Sleepy Hollow:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 9th  /  Mid-Season Return: Jan 13th
Supernatural:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 3rd  /  Mid-Season Return: Jan 14th
The Neighbors:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 13th  /  Mid-Season Return: Jan 13th
The Originals:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 3rd  /  Mid-Season Return: Jan 14th
The Tomorrow People:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 11th  /  Mid-Season Return: Jan 15th
The Walking Dead:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 1st  /  Mid-Season Return: Feb 9th
Vampire Diaries:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 12th  /  Mid-Season Return: Jan 23rd
Witches of East End:     Fall Wrap Up: Dec 15th  /  Mid-Season Return: TBD

As for the Wednesday and Thursday ratings, the first appearance of Barry Allen (aka the Flash) boosted the ratings of The CW’s Arrow to a 1.2 score in the 18-49 demo with 3.2 million total viewers.  That show wraps up its Fall run next week.  The Tomorrow People stayed at a 0.6 rating (after the final numbers came in) with 1.7 million total viewers.  It wraps up its Fall run next week as well, but consider its mid-season return iffy with The 100 and Star-Crossed currently waiting in the wings (the same can be said for Beauty and the Beast as well).  NBC’s Revolution has already finished its Fall run and returns for what will likely be its final round of episodes on January 8th.  The American Horror Story: Coven topped Wednesday among cable shows (and out-paced many of the broadcast net offerings), pulling a 2.2 rating with 4.1 million total viewers.  It has one more installment next week before taking a rest until January.

On Thursday, The CW’s Vampire Diaries slipped down to a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demo with 2.3 million total viewers and also dropped to fourth place in its timeslot after having ranked 3rd for its last two airings.  That show wraps up next week and then returns with new episodes in January.  ABC’s Once Upon A Time in Wonderland remained at at 0.9 rating (based on the final numbers) with 3.3 million total viewers and again ended in fifth place in its timeslot.  Consider this one is for all practical purposes a lame duck series at this point.

Keep an eye on the Cancellation Watch Twitter Site for the ratings numbers for the Friday shows, and you can see the current status for all this season’s genre show at this link.  And for more information on the ratings numbers and how I determine the Cancellation Alert status of a show, see the Cancellation Watch FAQ.

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