Numbers Overload: Person of Interest Improves its Rank Among Top 25 Most Watched

By | November 9, 2013

The numbers from last week gave us most of the usual suspects with The Walking Dead and American Horror Story showing up in the Cable Top 25 and Agents of SHIELD, Sleepy Hollow, and Once Upon A Time registering in the DVR rankings.  The only genre show in the broadcast network Top 25 based on the demographic numbers was Once Upon A Time (at #22) but SHIELD was a repeat and Sleepy Hollow was preempted that week.  Both should jump back in there when this week’s numbers are tallied.  Interesting in the broadcast net Top 25 based on total viewers is that Person of Interest actually went up from the prior week even though the show’s rating in the 18-49 demo dropped against competition from The Voice.  So even though that show’s ratings have dropped notably from last season (and also in the last couple of weeks), it is still doing well among total viewers which counts for more on CBS than the other networks.  And it was the fourth most watched show on that network, so no need to worry about the fate of that one any time soon.

Top 25 Oct 28th to Nov 3rd 

Cable Networks

Total Viewers:  Live + Same Day viewing from the overnights
1. The Walking Dead (AMC) 13.3 Million (Prior Week – #2, 12.9 MM)
5. The Talking Dead (AMC) 4.3 Million (Prior Week – #11, 4.1 MM)
11. American Horror Story: Coven (FX) 3.7 Million (Prior Week – #16, 3.8 MM)

Broadcast Networks

Ratings:  18-49 demographic in Live + Same Day viewing from the overnights
22. Once Upon A Time (ABC) 2.3 Rating (Prior Week – Not in Top 25)

Dropping Out: Agents of SHIELD (ABC) (Prior Week – #19, 2.7 Rating)

Total Viewers:  Live + Same Day viewing from the overnights

9. Person of Interest (CBS) 12.0 million (Prior Week – #11, 13.2 MM)

Live+7 Day DVR Ratings: Top 25 Ratings Increase for the Week of October 7th to 13th 

5. Agents of SHIELD: Rating Increase – 1.7, Final Rating – 4.5
6. Sleepy Hollow: Rating Increase – 1.7, Final Rating – 4.4
12. Once Upon A Time: Rating Increase – 1.3, Final Rating – 3.4
19. Revolution: Rating Increase – 1.1, Final Rating – 2.5
20. Person of Interest: Rating Increase – 1.1, Final Rating – 3.3

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