New in Comics: Captain Midnight Returns

By | July 30, 2013
A few choice selections from the comics due out July 31st (Note that the release dates are tentative on some of these titles):

Captain Midnight #1
Dark Horse

Description: On the run from the US government after fleeing custody, Captain Midnight has been labeled a security risk. In the forties, he was an American hero, a daredevil fighter pilot, a technological genius . . . a superhero. But since he rifled out of the Bermuda Triangle into the present day, Captain Midnight doesn’t know what or who to trust!

* A key title in Dark Horse’s new superhero initiative!

By: Joshua Williamson, Fernando Dagnino, Ego, Felipe Massafera

Planet of the Apes Spectacular One Shot
Boom! Studios

Description: With time quickly running out, Alaya faces execution for her crimes against ape kind, while Sully begins to realize that the enemy of her enemy is not necessarily a friend either… It’s Apes vs. Apes vs. Humans, as Daryl Gregory’s epic continues in the PLANET OF THE APES SPECTACULAR!

By: Daryl Gregory, Diego Barreto, Paul Azaceta

Tom Strong And The Planet Of Peril #1 (of 6)
DC Comics, Vertigo

Description: At last, it’s the return of Tom Strong–too bad he’s powerless! The lives of his daughter Tesla and her unborn child both hang in the balance, and there’s nothing Tom can do to save them. . . until he remembers the one thing that just might. To find it, he and Val Var Garm must journey to the far side of the galaxy, and the mysterious world known as. . . TERRA OBSCURA !

By: Peter Hogan, Chris Sprouse

Collider #1
DC Comics, Vertigo

Description: It started small: temporary gravity failures, time reversal loops, entropy reversals. With much fanfare a new government agency was formed with a mandate ‘to prevent and protect.’ Its official title: The Federal Bureau of Physics. Humans, if nothing else, adapt to the changing parameters of their existence. What was extraordinary soon became ordinary, a part of people’s daily lives. They move on and do what people have always done: survive. But even that new status quo is now under threat. Things are getting worse, and it falls to Special Agent Adam Hardy and his FBP team to figure out what’s going on, before it’s too late

By: Simon Oliver, Robbi Rodriguez, Nathan Fox

Knightingail Shadow Divisions #1 (of 6)
Big Dog Ink

Description: Knightingail: Shadow Divisions picks up the Knightingail saga where the first volume left off. Knightingail assaults the captured city of Suscitatio to rescue Carver families imprisoned in the vast gem mines underneath the city. However, she is not alone in her fight. Each of her mystical powered Centurion tribesmen – Kaeli, Daniel, Maragus, and Purefire – join her along the way. It’s a supernatural power fight with surprises never before seen in comics.

By: Wayne Gardiner, Mell Joy San Juan

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