Cancellation Watch Breaking News: Hannibal Will Dine Again for a Second Season

By | May 31, 2013

The wait is finally over!  NBC has left the small but devoted legion of fans (which includes myself) for new series Hannibal hanging as to whether the show would return for a second season.  But last night they made it official that the infamous serial killer would be returning for another repast after the current season ends.  The show started out with decent enough numbers for the Thursday 10 PM EST timeslot for the fourth place network (the premiere pulled a 1.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic based on the overnights).  But then it began to slide and has averaged closer to a 1.0 rating the last few weeks (note that the numbers they reference in the press release include DVR viewing).  NBC did not announce the show’s fate at the upfronts when the networks typically unveil their schedule for the upcoming season.  But apparently the critical acclaim the series has garnered as well as its devoted following (that has been very active on social networks like Twitter and GetGlue) was enough to convince the network to bring the show back for a second season.  They have said that it will get another thirteen episode run which will commence at mid-season.  They should consider giving it the post-Grimm timeslot on Fridays where limited series Dracula will air in the Fall.   Hannibal would pair up nicely with the supernatural series that has done well on Fridays and will be well into its third season.  Those scheduling decisions will come at some point in Fall, but at this point fans have to be rejoicing (with a nice glass of Chianti) over the renewal decision.  You can see the final status of all of this past season’s shows over at the Cancellation Watch Page.  And check out my preview of the Summer sci fi and fantasy shows at this link.

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